3 Easy THC & CBD Clone Strains to Grow for Beginners

3 Easy THC & CBD Clone Strains to Grow for Beginners

As a cannabis grower, you must know how to select the right strain. While there are hundreds of Cannabis strains that you can choose from, What strains have high levels of CBG? as a novice, you need to select the easiest cannabis strain. Easiest means, one that has a shorter growing period, or flowers easily, is resilient and easy to manage. Still, you need to steer towards genetics that is easier to find and offer high yields or you can check out the Oregon clones for sale that we offer on the site as some of our top picks.  Below are 3 Easiest Cannabis Strains to Grow for Beginners

Northern Light Clones

Northern light is one of the most popular choices for beginners since it combines hardness and low odor but more importantly its easy to harvest. Low odor can particularly be helpful for stealth reasons. You can expect flowering to begin within eight weeks and its effects are quite effective. The plant creates a mid-bus that can reach 1.2 meters indoors, and the yields are impressive. Northern light tens to bounce back from problems, but you might need to give them a little attention during their earlier life.

Hi, I am a healthy clone – notice how my roots are big and full-rooted? That’s because my owners did a great job!

Blue Cheese Clones

If you are an impatient grower, Blue cheese is your best pick. It only takes around 50 days to flower and produces highly resinous buds. Blue cheese is a crossing between blueberry and Haze, which means it’s a top quality genetic. It leaves the users with a pleasant heady buzz. Its one of the strain that is easy to grow for beginners; it can grow indoors and outdoors as well, and its resistant to molds, root rot, and other nutrient burns. It responds well to LEDs, thus produces extra potent, sticky buds.

“Blue cheese is simply easy to grow and produces high yields; however, if you are not the kind who like strong odor, or do not have enough headspace, this strain may not be your best pick, It odor is strong and grow up to 3 meters.”

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White Window Clones

The White window is among the most resilient cannabis strain out there. It proliferates and one of the easiest cannabis stain for beginners. Its uplifting effects have made it the stand in Netherland coffee shops and have earned many deserved awards. The White window is a cross better the Brazilian landrace and south Indian stain. This hybrid genetics offers an incredible well-balanced high to relax body and mind.

It’s a small strain, so if headspace is a concern to you, then White Window is a perfect fit. Its average height is 20 inches. It does not rely on lighting schedule like most feminized seeds, so it’s generally easy to grow. Its flowering time is only 8-9 weeks, so, you can begin harvest in the next three months on average.

These three are the some of the easiest cannabis strain to grow for beginners, but of course, there are quite some other strains out there that you can consider, The most important things you need to look out when choosing your first strain is the hardiness, or how resistant the plant is to diseases and molds. This will, of course, depend on the condition of grow room. The other factor is yield and auto-flowering period. As a novice, you may need to go for feminized auto-flowering types. Lastly, consider how strong you want your strain to be.

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