Passing The Cannabis Love To You

Why Spread The Love?

We understand this is a new industry and due to the industry it is, we wanted to create a place where locals can exchange info without having to put their info on public notice. We understand not all farms want to broadcast their location, stats, contact info, etc, nor do concentrate extractors etc, due to the volatility of the market and potential federal repercussions. Want to join our network? Simply fill out your info below and we’ll add you to our list.

Our Current List of Companies

  • Concentrates 80%
  • Clones 60%
  • Extraction 50%
  • CBD 90%
  • THC & Custom 90%

Questions About Discount Pharms

Who Is Discount Pharms?

We are a collective of Cannabis Growers, Extractors, Retail Shops, & More – All related to the United States Legal Cannabis Industry. This website was built to connect companies and people with others in the legal cannabis industry, similar to leafly or weedmaps.

How Does Discount Pharms Work?

Discount Pharms allows people or businesses who need access to wholesale cannabis, concentrates, CBD, or services related to the cannabis industry a place to connect.

When an individual or business submits a request or service/product offered locally.

If you need a Cannabis product or service – we take your request, process it, and either request more info if its a custom order, or pass your info along to other local cannabis parties who can service your request.

If you supply a Cannabis product or service – we take your information, add it to our private list of vendors local to whichever area your service or product is located, and pass along Cannabis service/ product leads to your company when they are a good match.

How Do We Connect You Safely?

When we receive an inquiry for clones for example – we pass your info along to who we feel is the best fit for your location and need. If you are a business who wants to be listed. We take note of your info and contact you if more information is needed.

All future communications are done between yourself and the vendor/ individual via email or private communication. Our goal is to safely and privately connect you with others in the Cannabis industry local to your area.

If you Request Clones / THC / Concentrates / CBD / Extraction ServicesContact us with your request and contact information, and we will pass your information onto 1-3 locals who offer what your request is. We often refer 1 business/person at a time to ensure no overlap.

If you Supply Clones / THC / Concentrates / CBD / Extraction ServicesContact us with your service list and contact information. Sometimes we do like to follow up for more information on businesses and or individuals seeking services/ products in order to ensure a safe and private experience for all parties.

Do We Show Everyone Your Info?

No. We will never publish your info to a public place on the internet or locally to a mass audience. We do our very best at vetting people who we feel are suspicious and are up to no good. We are no affiliated with any law enforcement agency, government agency, or agency against Cannabis.

We are for Cannabis and 100% for it’s legalization across all 50 states for recreational and medical purposes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions/ concerns

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