Sensory Deprivation Tanks & Weed: The Perfect Combo, Or A Mistake?

Sensory Deprivation Tanks & Weed: The Perfect Combo, Or A Mistake?

There always seems to be a new and interesting therapy method or trend on the horizon. Whether it be psychological or physical, experts are always looking for cutting edge ways to treat pains, and stresses in our daily lives. That is why sensory deprivation tanks have returned to being quite a buzz topic in the past couple of years.

Sensory deprivation tanks are designed to completely isolate the user in a manner that allows them to ‘wipe the slate clean’ both mentally and physically while they are inside. But what does being high do to change the experience?

In order to understand that, first we should talk about how sensory deprivation tanks work. You may also check out Discount Pharms for information on buying hemp seeds and more.

What Is A Sensory Deprivation Tank?

Sensory deprivation tanks have been around since the mid 1950’s; they are also known as ‘float tanks’ or ‘isolation tanks. They work by sealing the user in a small, completely dark tank that is somewhat filled with saturated water that contains enough Epsom salt to ensure anyone can float in it. The chamber leaves the user totally locked away from sight, sound, and floating as if in space.

It might sound scary, but many who use them say that the complete removal from the worldly senses allows them to focus on their inner self, and they even help to relieve some chronic pains and aches while inside. So, now to the real question; does weed enhance this experience?

How Does Weed Affect the Sensory Deprivation Tank Experience?

The short answer to this is, well, it depends. Smokers have been known to use sensory deprivation tanks rather often in the past. Sensory deprivation tanks are meant to provide relaxation, inner reflection, creative thoughts, and an overall sense of well-being.

These are traits that are also often associated with the use of marijuana. So, for many, the pairing of the two can lead to a spiritual and physical experience like none other. Many smokers will tell you that once you try a sensory deprivation tank a few times while stoned, you will never want to do it ‘sober’ ever again.

The combination of euphoria caused by the cannabis, mixed with the total sensory isolation of the tank, can make for an environment perfect for sparking something spiritual and creative inside the mind. It can also help take pressure off of achy joints and allow the cannabis to seep away the pain. It’s easy to see how this combination could be amazing for those in the right mindset.

However, this experience isn’t going to be the same across the board. For some, marijuana smoking leads to very different reactions. Many smokers can exhibit increased anxiety or paranoia when they smoke outside of their ‘comfort zone’.

In these cases, a small dark chamber with no noise might actually induce a panic attack. This is why it will likely come down to your connection with marijuana in general.

There are very few studies conducted on sensory deprivation tanks beyond anecdotal and testimonial. However, they are rapidly becoming popular again–especially at spas. They are often relaxing, and calming, even for those who do not suffer from pre-existing mental or physical conditions.

If you are someone who handles marijuana and being ‘high’ very well, the combination could be an absolutely incredible one. However, if you have a tendency to get a bit anxious when high, perhaps it’s best to avoid the experience altogether.

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