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Cannabis Trim Equipment Rentals

Rent trim and cannabis extraction equipment suitable for your company. From automatic trimmers to CBD & THC extraction equipment, our affiliates are capable of handling almost any request specific to handling equipment rentals. Interested in purchasing a bud trimming machine? Some vendors are currently offering discounts on their equipment selection for purchase.

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Renting Cannabis, Hemp & CBD Processing Equipment For Your Farm

Are you a commercial property owner interested in renting equipment to help your grow season move along? We connect commercial properties with equipment to better your chances of a successful grow season. Contact us for more information.

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Need to rent a special piece equipment for your farm? Let us know! 

We want to hear what equipment you are interested in renting.

Trim Equipment for Your Commercial Farm

Unsure of what type of Equipment you need?

  • We can help you figure out what your most ideal piece of equipment is for your situation.
  • We can help you purchase equipment suitable for your needs.

The Rental Equipment

trim buddy cannabis trimming machine for rent

Trim Buddy

Does at least 80% of the most laborious and reviled process of growing cannabis flowers. With proper techniques can produce a product which is not distinguishable from hand trimmed. Please note these are dry trim only machines – specfically for trimming dry bud / flower. 


trim workz machine for rent

Trim Workz

Removes fan leaves from wet material. Easily increases the speed of this process(often the bottleneck) 5- 10x. Used in conjunction with the dry trim machines is currently best practice in our opinion.


cannabis trim bag for rent

Trim Workz

Innovative product removes leaves through “friction trimming”. No moving parts. Much easier on the flowers than a mechanical trim machine but requires manual agitation. Still at least 5x faster than hand trimming. Good to use in conjunction with TrimPal to speed detail work. Especially good for more delicate connoisseur varieties.


dehumidifier for rent


Drieaz brand. Unlike off the shelf models from Home Depot and the like they actually work. For drying rooms or emergency climate control in indoor operations.


bubble hash machine for rent

Washing Machines

These washing machines are used to make “concentrate” i.e. hash. The machine agitates the dried trim in ice water making the resin glands become brittle and separate from the leaf.


Let us Know!

We’ll do our best to get you the equipment you need in order for your company to have a successful growing season.


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Want to rent or buy a piece of equipment for your cannabis and or hemp farm? Need to rent a trim machine for this grow season?

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Equipment Rentals FAQ

What if I need to rent a piece of equipment not listed?

We are working with vendors throughout the nation who rent different types of cannabis and cbd equipment. We will do our best to make sure you have the equipment needed by the time you need it. Unfortuntaley with this still being a new industry. Renting cannabis and cbd equipment is still an evolving market. If you need to rent a select piece of equipment please let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure you get it.

Are prices negotionable?

Yes – to an extent. For example, if you are renting equipment out for a longer term than a day or two, discount pricing can incur with 1-2+ week rental policies. Certain machines are in demand more than others, we suggest always calling, emailing, or chatting in advance. Commercial companies can expect generous discounts on long-term rentals including multiple-machine rentals.


What states are you renting equipment in?

We are doing our best to locate rental vendors in all legal cannabis states. As of now, we have contacts in California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Los Vegas, and a few other legal cannabis states but are actively seeking new partners for cannabis and cbd equipment rental services.


Do I require a deposit to rent equipment?

90% of the time yes. As in most cases when renting equipment with high costs, we suggest expecting to leave a deposit with each rental agreement. Of course we leave up to each equipmet vendor, but 90% of our vendors do require their customers to leave some sort of deposit on equipment rentals for safe-keeping.