Looking to launch your cannabis or hemp farm this year, but don’t know the BEST way to get started?  The easiest and most efficient route to becoming a high-producing farmer is by purchasing wholesale top-quality cannabis and hemp clones from trusted legal sources in Oregon. Getting access to medical-grade strains before other farms in your area is critical to positioning your grow-op as a contender in the industry.  

So instead of waiting for seeds to germinate, sprout into seedlings, and get big enough to identify each plant’s gender, pre-purchasing clones allow you to skip weeks ahead of the process, and yield high returns come harvest season. Stock your farm full of healthy Indica, Sativa, or hybrid strains from one of our many certified nurseries today! 

high cbd clones for sale


From OLCC clones  to newly legal clones, our High THC-Low CBD clones are readily available for purchase. Contact us if you don’t see your city.


With the recent CBD product boom, demand for CBD clones has doubled and our suppliers are able to ship nationally and internationally. High CBD-Low THC hemp clones are in-stock and available for purchase.

hemp clones for sale


Looking for customization? Our High THC and high CBD clones, including CBD-A, CBG, and other premium strains are world-renowned, and becoming available weekly. Contact us for a list of options today!


Grown from Seeds vs Cloned from Mothers Minimum order 500 Seed Starts cherry wine x berry blossom High CBD

Grown from Seeds vs Cloned from Mothers Minimum order 500 Seed Starts Unknown Israeli strain High CBD – 31:1

Minimum order 500 Clones Unknown Israeli strain High CBD – 31:1 CBD:THC ratio Amazing outdoor strain, turns dark blue/purple last two

Minimum order 500 Clones Unknown strain from Israel crossed with varietals taken from famed CBD breeder Ringo Sativa-dominant with

Minimum order 500 Clones Cannatonic hybrid High CBD – 30:1 CBD:THC ratio Recommended for medical consumers Flowering time: 6-8


Firehorse Growers is an Oregon company that partners with local farmers and land owners to grow premium cannabis using time-tested cultivation

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KMS Ag is one of the largest CBD Seed & Hemp Flower suppliers in the US. Located in Oregon, we

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No matter what strain you’re looking for, Discount Pharms has you covered!

We maintain a strong network of reliable cannabis and hemp nurseries that provide whatever your green thumb (or heart) desires… from high THC/low CBD, to low THC/high CBD clones, to custom CBG clone strains, etc. You’ll always find what you’re looking for when you partner with us!

Looking for a unique, ultra-premium strain?

You’re in the right place…

Discount Pharms offers clones for sale and specializes in sourcing growers with prized collections of hard to find cannabis and hemp clones, popular “designer” strains, and custom strains introducing new CBG and CBDA genetics.

Ready to dip your toe into the cutting edge world of marijuana breeding? Click the button below now!


  • Nurseries licensed by the OLCC in Oregon to sell cannabis & CBD clones.
  • High quality cannabis and CBD clones grown specifically for farms.
  • ODA & DEA approved hemp clones for national and international deliveries.
  • Huge savings on bulk clone orders.
  • State-wide delivery options available (for cannabis clones)

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For now – yes. Although you must clarify if your state has any issues with transportation of agricultural products beyond state lines without the appropriate paperwork. 

We also suggest calling the local DEA office if the clone shipment is large and you don’t want to risk losing your clones pending the correct paperwork. We always suggest speaking with an attorney before shipping any items beyond state boundaries. This information is not to serve as legal counsel. 

Ideally the best local nursery in your area – but let’s be real.

All the companies listed on this website are third-party vendors and operate on their own terms and conditions. Similar to that of Amazon, Ebay, and other eCommerce platforms, these vendors will not always be thoroughly reviewed and we suggest you review who you are doing business with before engaging in any sales or financial exchanges. 

Discount Pharms works with multiple THC & CBD nurseries in every state where cannabis and hemp has been legalized. Please check back periodically to see if we’ve added your state to our list. You can always contact us for more information regarding your state specifically. 

Clones come in a variety of different strains and sizes. More specifically…


Our vendors carry every size imaginable for our clients to choose from. This ensures every farm, regardless of its size, location, or growing preference (indoor/outdoor) is taken care of.

Contact us for more information on the best types of clones to purchase for your setup, and to make sure we have your desired strains in stock.

Getting your clones delivered usually has a minimum fulfillment time of 2 to 4 weeks. Some nurseries have plants readily available at the time of your order, however this depends on several factors… Including strain selection, clone size, grow cycles, and market demands.

Some nurseries will grow clones in advance / anticipating the grow season, while others will wait and obtain “futures” i.e. contracts on the clones in advance and grow to suite. Typically larger clone orders are ordered well in advance (15,000+ clones) 

In an ideal world – all nurseries will test their clones for issues like bugs, nutrient deficiencies, bacteria in the soil, etc. Although please be aware no guarantee should be offered by any nursery, and is not offered by Discount Pharms either. 

Accidents happen, and we suggest you should speak with your local nursery about options in writing for when things go wrong. Typically refunds are given, clones (if available) are exchanged, or a combo deal is struck to appease the buyer and supplier. Without a written contract you being the buyer might lose – so we suggest clearing these items up well in advance. 

Our company has partnered with some of the TOP farms and horticulturalists in the industry to produce world-class SATIVA, INDICA, and HYBRID strains…

-Sativas are known to produce a “cerebral” or “head” high, which is usually more suitable for the daytime. They have also been known to have a “soaring effect”. These strains are great for relieving depression & anxiety, and energizing the user. Issues such as chronic pain, are treated with this variety as well. Sativa is well known for increasing focus and creativity as well.

-Indicas are known for their body highs. Most commonly referred to as a “couch-lock” (as in locked to your couch). These strains are great for treating acute pain in the body by relaxing the muscles, and are often used as a natural sleep aid for people with insomnia, or anyone who has trouble sleeping in general. Indicas suggested use is in the evening. You can also treat issues such as nausea, and increase the patient’s appetite.

-Hybrids are in many cases the BEST of both worlds. Some strains are more indica dominant, containing higher levels of CBD, others being sativa dominant, which contain higher levels of THC. Since each strain is different, the ratios between CBD to THC can vary tremendously. Each hybrid has its own distinct characteristics, including aroma, flavor palette, and medicinal properties, just like their 100% sativa & indica counterparts.

We suggest you speak with the nursery before your order is placed, about these paperwork items

  • Clone genetics (any of these)
  • Cannabis or Hemp Licensing 
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA’s) 
  • Refunds and/or Exchanges 

No. We do however work with nurseries and growers in every legalized state. We assist nurseries with their local marketing and advertising. Similar to Amazon or Ebay, Discount Pharms is a medium for cannabis and hemp nurseries to list their high THC and high CBD clone genetics for farms and other licensed companies to source from. 

THC Clones cannot be shipped beyond your state lines (and are never allowed to be shipped via mail) 

CBD Clones can be shipped across state lines, and are even being shipped to other countries now. Pre-approval is required in some countries and the appropriate paperwork will be needed to any clones crossing state or international lines. 


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