Coco Coir: What Is It and How Does It Help Cannabis Growth?

Coco Coir: What Is It and How Does It Help Cannabis Growth?

There are many different ways to cultivate and grow cannabis. Like any plant, it needs nutrients, sunlight, water, and a certain climate in order to thrive. However, the actual nutrients and method of their delivery can vary a slight bit based on your desired outcome.

Choosing the right fertilizers and soil compounds for your cannabis plant can come along with a bit of ‘trial and error’ but there are a few methods and compounds that can make things smoother and can alleviate some ‘headaches’.

One of these methods is growing your cannabis in ‘coco coir’. What is coco coir? Well, let’s talk about that.

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What Is Coco Coir?

Coco coir is simply ground up coconut husks; it provides a great environment and allows the roots to spread out and build stability rather well, all while retaining moisture like a champ. Coco coir can be found in trace amounts in plenty of different potting soil mixes, but even on its own can be a great environment for cannabis plants to thrive.

Many cannabis cultivators have begun singing the praises of coco coir, and how it seems to be tailor made for cannabis growing in general. The downside, however, is that not many people seem to know how to properly grow cannabis in coco coir.

How To Use Coco Coir For Cannabis Cultivation

Coco coir provides a unique environment for cannabis plants that seems to mix a lot of the properties of hydroponic growth, as well as soil growth. In fact, in many ways you can simply use coco coir in place of soil and treat it like soil completely.

The coir can be placed in a pot with the seed, and all that needs to be done is your regular nutrient water treatments, and the plant can get a stable and firm root in the coir as it grows.

However, due to the composition of the coco coir, it will act much like growing in hydroponics as it will allow the nutrients to get to the roots in a much easier and more efficient manner. This is why coco coir could be perfect for those who wish to grow their plants at home.

Other Advantages of Coco Coir

Coco coir comes with a few added advantages over soil and can lead to happier and healthier plants in general. These advantages are:

  • Better for root development as it provides plenty of room for root growth, while retaining moisture better than soil.
  • It is eco-friendlier than competing products like peat moss; as it doesn’t need to be broken down and replaced every grow.
  • Does not attract pests as it will not provide a hospitable home for them.
  • Plants grow faster than they would in soil, as the roots can grow stronger and nutrients have an easier time accessing them.

Overall, coco coir can be the perfect blend of soil and hydroponic growth as it produces the results of hydroponic growth, with the low maintenance nature of soil.

Growing cannabis is a personal choice, and how you choose to do it is equally as personal. Everyone has their own preferred methods and ideas when it comes to growing their cannabis; but coco coir has been an absolute game changer for many home cultivators.

If you are still on the fence, try using it once for growth with a single plant. If you like the results, you can replace the soil or hydroponics of your entire operation with coco coir rather easily for your next growth!

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