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Cannabis & CBD Concentrates

Concentrates are cannabis flower extracted into a concentrate form. While still relatively new to the industry entirely, cannabis concentrates (also known as “wax” “shatter” “dabs) are extremely powerful and also offer the benefits of minimal smell when smoked – allowing cannabis users the enjoyment and lack of paranoia when consuming. These days “vape-pens” are in, and can be extremely easy and efficient to smoke. The double effects of state legalization and improved extraction techniques have led to a rise in the popularity of wholesale concentrates. There is a huge range of both medical and recreational concentrates available, and many methods of delivery.

Premium Cannabis & Hemp Concentrates

Whether you are interested in processing Cannabis or CBD into concentrates, or purchasing wholesale already-processed material, we can help your company source wholesale concentrates.

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Cannabis Concentrates

Wholesale Cannabis Concentrates.

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CBD Concentrates

Wholesale CBD Concentrates.

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Processing Services

Extracting your Cannabis &/or CBD.

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Cannabis Concentrates & CBD Concentrates

“It was difficult finding a cannabis extraction company for our farm. We had a sufficient amount of product which we needed tested, and contacted Discount Pharms to help us find our favorite processor.” ~ Shanda, Green Tea Farms

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Product Types

Concentrate Services

wholesale cannabis concentrate extraction services

Cannabis Concentrates

Interested in sourcing some wholesale cannabis concentrates? Discount Pharms works with the nations leading cannabis concentrate services. From wax, shatter, to C02 concentrates. The selection of vendors we offer is diverse and licensed to handle your needs. All testing and requirements will be available from each company.

wholesale cbd processing services

CBD Concentrates

If you are a company or customer in need of bulk CBD in a “processed” form. We can connect you with industry wholesalers who are capable of matching your CBD requirements. We understand not all CBD companies are the same. Dealing with multiple verified CBD manufacturers is a very important factor for all businesses in the cannabis industry.

cannabis hemp extraction services

Cannabis Processing Services

Are you a cannabis farm interested in processing your cannabis into concentrates? Discount Pharms works with licensed farms throughout the country. Every grow season, thousands of pounds are deemed “concentrate worthy” we connect your product with licensed THC and CBD processing services in your state.

Cannabis Concentrates FAQ

Are Concentrates better than traditional flower?

Concentrates are becoming more desirable because they are more potent and effective than just the flower. If you take out the active ingredient and concentrate it, it is obvious that you need less for the same effects. These products are derived from cannabis and contain concentrated amounts of the active compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is what gives consumers the high they desire. There has been a trend in recent times to isolate and breed extreme levels of THC into the plant.

The other compounds in the concentrate include other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Recreational concentrates are a great option for those cannabis users who want to experience a new type of high. Given the interesting chemical compositions and terpene flavours, cannabis connoisseurs looking to explore different tastes and sensations are well served in Oregon.

How are Concentrates Extracted?

Supercritical CO2 and CO2 Extraction

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

Propane Hash Oil (PHO)

Alcohol Extraction and Ethanol Extraction


Why do Concentrates taste different?

Concentrated levels of terpenes are the main reason why concentrates taste dramatically different from the leaves or flower. Terpenes provide immunity to the plant and fend off bacteria, fungus, insects and anything else which threatens it. Luckily for us they are the active ingredients in the aromatic and beneficial oils found in certain fruits and herbs.

Citrus fruits, rosemary, lavender, hops, pine needles, along with the cannabinoids in marijuana have been recognised for their potency, and distilled and concentrated for their medical properties for thousands of years. Different strains of marijuana offer different mixes of terpenes, which can promote weight loss, improve moods, and have anti-inflammatory and sedative properties.

Medical Grade Concentrates

The benefits of medical grade cannabis and its active ingredient cannabidiol are undergoing continuing research. As we learn more about pain and the natural cannabinoid receptors in our body, the need for consistent and safe concentrates will increase. Existing patients must have a consistent and high quality medical grade Oregon concentrate supply.  

How to store concentrates

Just like any natural product, they should be stored in airtight containers in cool, dark places. Concentrates do not like warm environments and they will deteriorate quickly, which will affect efficacy, taste, smell, etc.