Creative Ways to Use Your Dry Hemp Leaves

Creative Ways to Use Your Dry Hemp Leaves

Do you have some dry hemp leaves that you’re not entirely sure what to do with? Dry hemp leaves are loaded with vital nutrients such as fiber, vitamin K, and calcium. Dry hemp leaves can add a little pizzazz to a humdrum snack. Hemp is a great way to enhance your favorite tea, smoothie, or steaming hot cup of cocoa.

If you’re feeling really creative, you can use your hemp leaves in an art project. Hemp is a versatile plant with countless applications. You can easily have a little fun while you put your dry hemp leaves to good use.

Eating Dry Hemp Leaves Brings Vital Nutrients to Your Diet

If you’re a veggie-lover, dry hemp leaves are the ideal flourish for your next tossed salad. Hemp leaves tend to have a slightly bitter taste, so adding a sweet or savory dressing is an excellent way to create a balanced flavor. Dry hemp leaves are a pleasing substitute for any type of spinach or other leafy green; think pizza and sandwich toppings, or a delicious flourish in a hearty soup. Consider adding dry hemp leaves in any recipe that calls for endive, arugula, or kale.

You Can Add Them to Your Favorite Drinks

One of the most celebrated uses of dry hemp leaves is tea. You can opt for a very potent pure hemp leaf tea, or you can add other ingredients such as lemon or rose hips to mellow out your brew a bit. Hemp tea can be enjoyed steaming hot or chilled over ice.

Smoothies are another excellent use of dry hemp leaf. Nutrient-rich hemp leaves are the ideal addition to any green smoothie. Adding a bit of cacao powder to your hemp smoothie creates a luscious, delectable beverage that will calm your nerves and clear your mind. Dry hemp leaves add a delightful boost to a cup of steaming hot cocoa in the dead of winter.

All forms of chocolate and hemp are like two peas in a pod. The slight bitterness of hemp pairs beautifully with the darkest dark chocolate or the creamiest sweetest milk chocolate.

There are Many Uses for Them When Crafting

If you’re interested in saving your dry hemp leaves for posterity, a popular crafting technique will help you immortalize your favorite leaves. Place your dry hemp leaves on a piece of plain white paper or a paper towel. Spray both sides of your dry hemp leaves with sealing crafting spray and allow your hemp leaves to dry overnight in a well-ventilated area. The sealing crafting spray will fortify your hemp leaves so that you are now free to use the leaves in an art project.

Humans have used hemp as a vital resource worldwide for nearly 50,000 years. Modern humans are currently rediscovering the awesome power of dry hemp leaves as a resource for food, drink, and recreational art projects. Hemp is a microcosm of the incredible life-sustaining power of all plants. Putting your dry hemp leaves to good use is a wonderful way to celebrate the glory of the natural world while paying homage to the strength and adaptability of your ancestors.

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