How to Deal with White Powdery Mildew on Cannabis Plants

How to Deal with White Powdery Mildew on Cannabis Plants

Growing cannabis can often leave you scratching your head over certain problems that arise or changes that occur in the plant’s growth. Cannabis plants are incredibly hardy by nature, but they do come with their own sets of challenges and can be prone to certain illnesses or issues sometimes.

Often, a simple change in the humidity in the air can lead to catastrophic failure in the entire crop–cannabis is fickle like that. One of the most common issues that growers face is ‘white powdery mildew’, or WPM for short.

If you have ever noticed what looks like small patches of powdered sugar on your cannabis leaves, that is WPM growing on the plant. When not treated, WPM can become a serious issue and can destroy the crops. Let’s talk about what WPM is, how it grows, and how to treat it. Visit Discount Pharms for CBD and hemp information.

What Is WPM?

WPM is simply a rapidly reproducing, aggressive form of fungus that occurs on a variety of plants, and completely ravages them. It is a type of mold that can occur when the conditions are ‘just right’ for it to do so.

What Causes WPM?

There are a few ways that WPM can begin to develop on your cannabis plants. Just like with any fungus, the conditions need to be just right for the growth to occur.

Unfortunately, the conditions in which WPM thrives are easy to replicate on accident. WPM thrives under:

  • High humidity
  • Low airflow
  • Poorly ventilated areas
  • Plants growing too close together

These conditions can produce the wet, dense atmosphere with poor circulation that helps mold to thrive. Imagine what happens if you leave a wet sock in a sealed container–over time mildew begins to grow. It’s no different with cannabis.

How to Get Rid of It

WPM is easy to spot, and usually gets caught early even by inexperienced growers. It’s a white powdery substance on the leaves, it’s hard to miss. As long as the spores are caught early, you can likely save the plant with little harm done.

The best thing you can do is get a damp paper towel with water, and gently wipe the mildew off of all the leaves affected. Be careful not to jostle the plant too much as loose spores could ‘latch on’ in other places.

Once you have removed the spores to the best of your ability, purchase and mix a plant treatment substance that is designed for preventing mold and mildew–GrowSafe is a great product for this.

Gently mist your plants with the product and set about preventing new spores from re-growing. You will need to find a way to reduce humidity in your grow room and increase airflow. Buying a dehumidifier and box fans are a cheap and easy way to accomplish this.

Keeping a careful eye on your cannabis plants daily will help you to catch issues like WPM early on. With most fungus or mildew problems, they can be treated if caught early. If left to run rampant, they can destroy your crops entirely.

Take quick action and take steps to prevent the conditions in which WPM can thrive. With luck, you won’t have to worry about WPM ever again!

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