Different Ways to Enjoy Your Favorite Strains of Cannabis

Different Ways to Enjoy Your Favorite Strains of Cannabis

Many people consume cannabis to get physical and mental benefits from it. However, the level of benefits they get depends on how they are consuming it as each method of consuming cannabis provides its own effects and experience to the consumer. Some of the popularly used methods to consume cannabis include smoking, vaporizing, ingestible oils, edibles, topical products, dabbing and tinctures. All of these methods are briefly described here to have a better understanding of their effects.


It is one of the most common ways to consume cannabis. The inhaled smoke of cannabis affects your lungs before it is absorbed by your bloodstream. It is inhaled by two methods, smoking and vaporization. Smoking alone can be done in different ways like water pipes, hand pipes, hookahs, rolling papers, and homemade devices to use for one time only.

Available for Medical in CA (while Medical still exists)


This method of inhaling cannabis smoke is normally used by some of the health conscious and moderate users. The vaporizer heats this herb steadily to a temperature which is enough to extract CBD, THC and other cannabinoids from the herb. However, its temperature does not remain very high so that it doesn’t release the harmful toxins during its combustion.

Ingestible Oils:

Ingestible oil of cannabis is used as supplements for a variety of health issues. These oils are can be ingested in infused products or in capsule form.


The effect of cannabis is entirely different if you drink or eat it than vaping and smoking. Smoking and vaping allow the THC to enter your bloodstream more quickly than ingesting the product. The foods containing cannabis are known as Edibles. It can be added to food items whether cannabinoids are bio-available or not. These edibles offer psychoactive effect for quite some time and tend to give the user a powerful high.


The topical administration of cannabis includes the use of its full extract in the form of thick oil. The oil of this herb activates cannabinoids when it is decarboxylated. The effect of topical use of cannabis can be different from its medical use since the topical products do not provide a “high”. Since there is no high effect, you can use it any time and anywhere


Dabbing is when you use cannabis wax instead of burning the herb itself. When dabbing, you will use a “rig” that is very similar to a water pipe. You will heat up the wax and inhale the vapor.


The liquid extracts of cannabis are normally used by the consumers who are looking for a fast acting product without any risk to their health like with smoking. These tinctures are most commonly used as solvents to dissolve fat like glycerol or vinegar, some other liquids used for dissolving fat. Instead of swallowing and digesting these tinctures in the typical methods, you will put a few drops under your tongue (sublingual). Using tinctures are a great method of consuming your cannabis without having the telltale odor of cannabis smoke.

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