Does Cannabis Help With Morning Sickness?!

Does Cannabis Help With Morning Sickness?!

When it comes to pregnancy symptoms, 80% of women say that their worst symptom was morning sickness.

While morning sickness can be alleviated with a variety of medications, these solutions do not always work, especially for women who suffer from moderate to severe morning sickness. Many of these women have turned to alternatives to help with their symptoms…and they have found cannabis.

In 2011, the first study emerged which asked pregnant women about their cannabis use. The numbers found that women who suffered from morning sickness are self-medicating.

11.5% of women in the study disclosed that they are utilizing cannabis to alleviate the severe symptoms of morning sickness, including dizziness and nausea. A newer study even found that 4% of those that were using medicinal marijuana had never tried it before developing severe morning sickness.

While this approach is controversial, the question remains: does it work?

Please Note – We do not suggest taking CBD or THC product while pregnant. Nor do we suggest replacing any currently prescribed products by your physician, and always recommend you speak with a physician before potentially combining and trying new CBD or THC products with prescribed medications. This article is for informational purposes only and does not intend to offer any medical advice or services.

Moms are saying yes and, as risky as it sounds, they are even arguing that it may be a safer option than the prescription drugs used for morning sickness. Indulging in smoking cannabis helps to ease the nausea that they feel on a frequent basis.

Though smoking is ill-advised during pregnancy, morning sickness makes it nearly impossible for pregnant women to stomach weed-laced foods that could also help to quell their symptoms.

With the number of women who utilize weed during their pregnancy on the rise, it is worth noting the significance of the percentages. Curious about feminized hemp seeds? Click our link.

But, the concern of many women before trying this holistic cure-all is this:

Is Marijuana Safe During Pregnancy?

The American Medical Association isn’t convinced. They stand by that using marijuana during pregnancy is dangerous. Studies have linked cannabis use to attention and focus issues in childhood, behavioral issues, and premature births. They are even labeling it the most widely used illicit drug during pregnancy.

Moms, however, aren’t buying it. While these studies do link usage during pregnancy to adverse side-effects in life, there is little concrete evidence that it does any harm. Alcohol, for instance, is more dangerous to consume and has concrete studies backing the adverse effects. While this doesn’t mean that smoking weed is safe, it is worth noting that there is a counter-argument.

There are even doctors who are siding with moms. Some OBGYN’s are stating that marijuana is safer than many drugs that are traditionally prescribed for morning sickness. They’re also citing that there is a lack of evidence showing that there actually are negative effects of the development of a fetus at all.

Some doctors are saying that smoking a small amount of weed can alleviate and even prevent symptoms in some women. These doctors are calling for better studies before supporting a point of view that they can’t provide evidence for.

Because of the backlash from medical professionals, the AMA is giving some thought to better studies now that cannabis is more widely legalized. There are studies that support that marijuana does reduce the nausea and dizziness associated with morning sickness, but, they note that there is a difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

Buying marijuana from a dispensary and getting marijuana off the street are incredibly different beasts. You can’t be sure what you are getting when you buy recreationally. Because of this distinction, the AMA has acknowledged that the true risks and effects on pregnancy cannot be fully known at this time.

So, What Does This Mean?

It means that to determine the true effects of marijuana on a fetus, we need more research. There are doctors on both sides of this argument, some who encourage the usage for severe nausea and others who completely discourage it.

If you’re considering using cannabis to help relieve your symptoms, use your best judgment and a clear head. It could mean the difference between suffering through the nausea and being symptom-free.

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