Even More Hemp Clones That Are Incredibly High in CBD

Even More Hemp Clones That Are Incredibly High in CBD

In our previous article, we explained four of the most popular hemp clone strains that immensely high in CBD and amazingly low in THC. Well, in this article, we shall add three more, but, first, a quick heads-up!

It has been known, over the years, that there are over 400 active compounds in a marijuana plant, but two of them are immensely popular: CBD and THC. CBD, an acronym for cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive substance found in almost all varieties of the marijuana plant.

Unlike CBD, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), contains psychoactive effects, thus creating hallucinogenic and mind-altering states of mind. In respect to these substances such delta-8 bud, the CBD in cannabis products provides relaxing, non-intoxicating effects.

In other words, it does not have typical side effects of high-THC strains, and so it is an excellent choice for people who are in dire need to keep a clear mind while treating nausea, pain, stress, muscle spasms, anxiety, headaches, and much more.

More often than not, we get high-CBD products as extracts of high-CBD hemp strains, which are created from cross-breeding industrial hemp strains with high-CBD drug-type marijuana strains. Flowers produced by the hybrid plant will incredibly be high in CBD and immensely low in THC – 0.3% or less.

While hybrid high-CBD hemp strains vary considerably in appearance, there are so many clones hitting and rocking the market today to the extent that it becomes problematic to choose one. Fortunately, we are adding three more to our list of the highest percentage of CBD hemp clones, which will ultimately help guide you find the right CBD-rich product easily. These are:

1). Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is arguably the globe’s most famous high CBD and low THC strain. It is famously recognized to have helped reduce the seizures of a little girl, Charlotte Figi. Its CBD content is estimated to be about 17 % and THC is slightly less than 0.3 %, which means the clone product can be sold just like any other food supplement.

Since there is no “high” effect associated with Charlotte’s Web strain, the products derived from it provide users with non-cerebral effects. High-CBD oils from this clone also help with lessening fatigue, migraines, muscle spasms, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

2). Lifter

The Lifter is another amazing hemp strain that is grown from expertly bred genetics. The plant’s flowers are known for sweet, funk flavors compounded with hints of aromatic lemon – a feature that is most sought-after in high-CBD strain products. This clone is highly applauded for providing users a gentle cerebral focus and ultimate body relaxation. Its extracts are excellent for helping treat or manage a variety of conditions including arthritis, migraines, muscle spasms, cramps, and inflammation among others. The robust, high-yielding Lifter hemp clone has about 20% CBD and 0.06% THC.

3). Suver Haze High-CBD Strain

A tightly manicured, skillfully crafted hemp clone with minimal leaf, the Suver Haze is undeniably one of the most popular high-CBD strains currently producing the best CBD products in the market. Featuring 21.4% CBD and 0.04% THC, this strain offers an infusion that makes users inspired, stimulated, and uplifted. Thanks to its relaxing and physically calming effects, products extracted from this plant are taking the cannabis industry into a completely new level! This clone brings on an effect that keeps a smoker in an uplifted, creative mental space. The strain, boasting of dense, medium-sized green buds has delicious, aromatic flowers that are incredibly rich in Myrcene and Farnesene.

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