Hemp Clones with the Highest CBD Content

Hemp Clones with the Highest CBD Content

It has been established that cannabis has over 400 known cannabinoids, but the second most popular, with extraordinary impacts on medical and psychological conditions, is cannabidiol or CBD in short.

It is perhaps the hottest substance in marijuana right now, and everyone is applauding it for good reasons! It improves quality of life, helps fight diseases, and more importantly, it is safe for humans and pets alike.

This explains why, when visiting a marijuana dispensary, you will find a myriad of products, including high-CBD and low THC oils among others.

Truth be told, these products are extracted from a variety of hemp clones known to have the highest proportions of CBD. Perhaps you are interested to know more about some of these popular clones, so you can make an informed decision when buying CBD products.

This article will provide the information that you are seeking. First, let us look at how these CBD-rich hemp strains are created.

Creation of high CBD hemp strains

If it is your first time hearing about high CBD rich products, then it is likely that you are wondering what the best plants for extracting them are. Is it industrial hemp, marijuana, or both? Well, the answer is simple; it is from high CBD hemp strains.

In the cannabis world, there are two types of plants: drug and hemp plants. More often than not, hemp plants are those that are grown for seed oil and fiber while drug plants are euphoric THC rich. Another primary difference between these options is the resin content; industrial plants are high-resin while hemp ones are low-resin plants.

Creating high CBD hemp strains is simple and straightforward. These strains are typically the outcome of crossing the high-CBD drug-type cannabis strains with industrial hemp strains, which are also high in CBD and low in THC.

The resultant crop grows outdoors like hemp and it is known to produce high CBD flowers, which are often 0.3% (or less) THC. It is important to note that CBD hemp strains vary significantly in appearance. So, let us now look at the top four popular hemp clones that are extremely rich in CBD!

1) Casino Cookies

Casino Cookies is one of the most popular hemp clones that is incredibly rich in CBD, at 21.8%. The good news is that products derived from this strain virtually have no THC. In fact, the slightest trace was barely less than 0.245%.

This Sativa dominant hybrid strain is dark in color with earthy aroma flowers that contain high levels of Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Myrcene, which are great for pain relief.

2) Honolulu Haze

Honolulu Haze is yet another highest testing CBD hemp strain out there in the cannabis industry. With a whopping 23.9% CBD content, this strain has been created strictly for potency roles. Its flowers have a mild, earthy aroma that is also rich in Pinene, Bisabolol, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene.

The Sativa dominant hybrid strain has the least possible THC traces, at slightly less than 0.245%. Products from this hemp strain induce a relaxed feeling.

3) AC Diesel #2

The AC Diesel #2 strain is indeed a popular Sativa dominant cannabis hybrid known for mood enhancing and long-lasting effects. Just like the former strains, it has a high CBD content, estimated to about 18%. It virtually has no THC, but a small trace of less than 0.245% may be found.

The genetics of this strain originated from a blend of Sour Diesel and Amsterdam City Diesel. Unlike the original AC Diesel, the flowers of this new CBD strain contain incredibly high levels of Myrcene, making a great strain for formulating products that provide relaxation and overall pain relief. Other roles of AC Diesel #2’s products include inducing happiness, relieving stress, helping with seizures, muscle spasms, and cramps.

4). Chardonnay #2

The list of the most popular CBD-rich hemp strains is incomplete with mentioning Chardonnay #2! With 18% CBD and virtually no trace of THC (at less than 0.245%), this strain owes its genetics from Black Rose and Cherry Wine. Flowers of Chardonnay #2 have a mouth-watering terpene – a direct expression of Cherry Wine.

In the end, products from this hemp clone exhibit a mild fruity scent as well as moderate levels of Myrcene, Guaiol, and Bisabolol. Just like its counterparts, this Sativa dominant hybrid’s products are great for relaxation and pain relief.

Now you have a bit of information on some of the most popular hemp clones with the highest amounts of CBD. That is not all, they also have the least or no traces of THC. Of all the strains explained herein, it is undeniable that Honolulu Haze is extremely rich in CBD.

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