Hemp Seeds With Proven Lineage And Genetics

Hemp Seeds With Proven Lineage And Genetics

Hemp seeds are preferred by most people because of their many benefits and minimal THC content which means people cannot get high after consuming them.

Other health benefits of the seeds are a high levels of nutrients like proteins and omega fats, as well as high levels of chemicals such as Delta-8 the CBD flower that control inflammation and body temperature.

In addition to these, hemp seeds are important because they reduce the chances of having cancer, they can help improve the digestive system functions and they can enhance skin and hair. All these makes them important just as knowing their origin.

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Some of the hemp seeds lineage therefore include:

#1. Cherry Wine

The cherry wine line of genetics was created by “tree of life seeds” and consists of a high quality combination of seeds. When growing, the plant takes on a floral state that has pine undertones.

It has a higher CBD content that ranges between 15% and 25% but the THC level is low at 0.3% when highest. When planted, one should wait for at least 9 weeks before harvesting. It thrives well indoor and outdoor but outdoor planting should be done in mid-October in order to get best results.

#2. Berry Blossom Genetics

This type of hemp seeds grows into flowers before turning into berries. Its THC level is usually very low ranging from 0.2% to 0.3% while it’s CBD level is always 13%. This group of hemp seeds only need 8 weeks to mature and can grow well both indoors and outdoors so long as the tight temperature is presented. It is therefore considered one of the best seeds that can grow under diverse conditions and still yield the expected results.

#3. Chardonnay Genetics

This line of genetics produces seeds like cherry wine and black rose. It also has a low THC content at .3% but a higher range of CBD content which goes between 12% and 15%. It takes between 7 to 8 weeks to mature and doesn’t require early harvesting.

As such, it is considerable one of the best hemp seeds lineage that can be planted for commercial purposes. When ready for harvesting, the flowers of the plant will turn purple.

#4. Cobbler

Tangistan R4 and Charlotte’s cherries are the hemp seeds that belong in this lineage. It takes between 6 and 8 weeks to be ready for harvest but it is always advisable to keep it outdoors for the first week before putting it indoors. It can also thrive outdoors and most people prefer to let them grow outside.

The THC and CBD contents of this hemp largely depends on the environmental conditions during plantation but they are usually at 0.3% and 12% to 20% respectively. The creation of this lineage led to the result of one of the best oil producing hemp seeds.

The oils have a unique flavor that’s different from the usual one associated with hemp oil and can be produced in large quantities if the hemp is harvested within the appropriate time. With the low flowering period, this plant can be harvested as early as 5 weeks for the seeds to maintain the low THC levels.

#5. Trophy Wife Genetics

This combination of wife S1 and cherry wine seeds takes up to 8 weeks to get ready for harvest when planted indoors. The best time to place it outdoors is from early October to mid-October. The CBD content of this hemp ranges between 15% to 18% whereas the THC content -0.3% which means it cannot be detected.


The hemp seeds genetics consist of a combination of various types of hemp that makes them better which leads to higher quality of the product they produce. It also increases their benefits especially to human health.

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