How Can I Control the Odor in My Indoor Cannabis Garden?

How Can I Control the Odor in My Indoor Cannabis Garden?

If you want to grow Cannabis in your indoor garden, then there are some important things that you will have to keep in mind. If you are a newbie to growing indoor cannabis gardens, you need to know some basic things. A very important thing to consider is how you can control the odor in your indoor grow room. You will have to reduce the smell that cannabis blossoms release during blooming.

Importance of controlling odor:

It is necessary to keep the odors in your grow room under control if you are planning to grow this plant inside your house for the following reasons:

· Cannabis has a very pungent odor. Your neighbors might be bothered by the smell.

· There may be some legal issues if someone chooses to report it to the authorities.

· Cannabis is a high dollar industry and you don’t want people to be tempted to steal your plants.

Fans & Charcoal Filters can Help!

Air circulation process:

Air circulation is important for a removing the pungent cannabis odor from your grow room. You should ensure the constant air exchange irrespective of the size of the growing area. Constant air circulation is needed to maintain a well-balanced environment. You can use any of the following to ensure that air circulation is adequate:

· Exhaust fan

· Acoustic box

· Intake fan

· Ventilation ducts

· Floor fan

· Clip fan

· Humidifier

Odor absorbing gel:

There are many types of odor absorbing gels available on the market. You may have to experiment with different gel products in order to find the one that works best at controlling the odor from your favorite cannabis strains. Once you find the one that works best for you, you will have your “odor control weapon”. You can get these odor controlling products in different forms, such as gels, sprays and blocks.

Activated carbon filter:

Generally, carbon filters are huge since they have heavy duty tubes loaded with carbon. You can purchase the carbon filters from the store or you can create it with the following supplies. You will need some items (listed below) in order to make your own activated carbon filter:

· A roll of aluminum screen

· A roll of duct tape

· A box with lid

· Activated carbon

· A PVC adaptor and cleanout cap

Ozone Generators:

Ozone generators provide several benefits for your grow room, including helping to control the odor from your cannabis plants, and we have listed them below:

· Ozone generators kill bacteria in your grow room as well as in your activated carbon filters.

· They remove all odors from the air quite effectively.

· Ozone generators create an environment that spider-mites don’t like. They won’t get rid of an existing problem, but they will help keep spider-mites from getting out of control.

· They control mold and powdery mildew both on plants and in the room.

When you decide to grow your own indoor cannabis garden, it is essential that you don’t forget to use the available odor control methods. Otherwise, you will be enjoying the smell of your cannabis plants all throughout your house.


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