How to Clone Cannabis 101

How to Clone Cannabis 101

Cloning cannabis is the process of making an exact copy of your cannabis plant without having to plant a seed.

The main reason for cloning marijuana is that it guarantees a female plant. Many growers clone because it preserves the characteristics of the mother plant and is an excellent way to share genetics with other growers.

Cloning cannabis entails identifying a mother plant in vegetative growth, taking cuttings from it which are rooted to be grown as separate plants. The cuttings must develop a root to grow; this is propelled by energy from carbohydrates stored in the cutting.

The lower branches are taken from a selected mother plant. The roots grow faster-due to high amounts of sugars compared to ones obtained from the tips. This process is faced with advantages and disadvantages which Discount Pharms listed below. If you’re looking for cannabis clones in California, we have all the scoop on the local options!

Advantages of Cloning Cannabis 101

There is no limitation on the number of clones you can take. The process of cloning cannabis is cheaper and faster than growing the plant from seeds.

Cannabis clones take the exact similar characteristics of the mother plant it is taken from. The female cannabis plant will give pure female cannabis clones and a clone can be produced from another clone.

Disadvantages of Cloning Cannabis 101

The clone may have unknown characteristics if the mother plant has not been through flowering. This process limits your selection of phenotypes and genetics. Auto-flowering strains cannot be cloned. It may result to strains that are not resistant to pests and diseases and weak in potency.

Before carrying out any cloning, please consider these fundamental things. Know that the Mother plant, this is the plant chosen to copy and should be strong because the clone picks up the exact characteristics. It should also be female and free from pests and diseases. The rooting hormones to be used should contain Indolebutyric Acid. Rooting powder is highly recommended for cannabis cloning.

The right time to clone cannabis is when it is in its vegetative growth and when the plant has started showing its sex in pre-flowering. Choose a rooting medium that withstands leaking without becoming saturated and drains very well. Weaker light source is recommended for cannabis clones undergoing the cloning process.

Equipment used in Cannabis 101 Cloning

You will require the following equipment; razor blades or scissors, rubbing alcohol, hormone, rooting cubes, plastic cups, labels and markers for marking your clones.

Steps Involved in Cannabis 101 Cloning

1. The first and huge step is ensuring that your equipment and all of the surfaces you are working on are thoroughly cleaned.

2. Selecting your mother plant is the second step, it depends on the desired characteristics you want your clone to have to ensure that the plant is healthy and mature for cloning.

3. Choose a healthy and robust stem from the mother plant measuring approximately a quarter of an inch. Make 45 degrees cut across the stem with your sharp blade taking care not to crush the stem.

4. The lower part of the stem should have no leaves, so trim two leaves ensuring that they are cut at the node. The remaining leaves should be cut into two to reduce water loss from the clone.

5. Fill your cups with water quarter-way and dip in your cuttings to prevent embolism.

6. Select your rooting medium, soak it in water and make a hole fit for your cutting. Put your rooting hormone in a separate cup and dip each cutting ensuring hormone is evenly distributed. Insert your cutting into the medium gently.

7. Water your medium, it is essential because clones lack roots to supply leaves with water. This should be done in moderation to avoid any excess water.

8. Each cutting should be labelled according to date and type of plant that cutting has been taken.

9. Put your clones approximately 6 inches from a fluorescent light bulb for one day.

10. Check the temperature of your clone. If it is warmer than the room temperature, the root system will have developed in your clone. You can use an incandescent light bulb to maintain the temperatures to desired levels.

11. It takes around three weeks for new rooting systems to develop. At this stage, you can move the light closer.

12. Finally, transplant the clone but only if it has grown fully functional roots.

The steps involved in cannabis 101 cloning should be a bonus for growers who want to be successful.

Once you have found your Mother Plant and obtained all of the supplies you will be ready to start. Following these steps will ensure you grow healthy and quality plants.

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