How to Grow Your CBD At Home

How to Grow Your CBD At Home

It is possible to grow CBD flowers at home. Whether you want to plant them in a greenhouse or even indoors with artificial light, you have the freedom to grow them almost all year round. If you plan to plant the flowers in your backyard garden, though, it’s essential to know about the best season, the correct type of soil, and other factors for the best crop. Discount Pharms would like to be your choice for seeds and clones!

What is the best season to plant CBD Flowers?

Ideally, CBD flowers require a temperature range between 60-80 degrees F. The best season for planting the seeds is late spring. You should wait until the last frost has melted before you plant the seeds outdoors. Measure the temperature using a soil thermometer at a depth of around 1 inch. Ensure that the soil’s temperature is at least 50F before you plant.

What soil is the best for growing flowers?

When it comes to soil, hemp plants do have a specific criterion. The plants grow the best in aerated loamy soil with a pH between 6-7.5. Hemp plants are easily damaged by waterlogging. Making sure that soil is well drained goes a long way in ensuring a healthy yield.

Choose a fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen. Make sure to apply fertilizers during warmer and drier weather; otherwise, the fertilizers tend to stick to the plant causing more harm than good. Avoid applying fertilizers directly to the seeds. Let the seeds germinate before you use fertilizers for the first time. Avoid applying fertilizers directly to the plant, as it is best to apply them between the plants.

How much light do they need?

Hemp plants thrive in sunlight. Although CBD flowers can grow in as little as 6 hours of direct sunlight, 12 hours of uninterrupted daylight is ideal. That said, the plants can also grow under artificial lights. Make sure that they receive at least 18 hours of artificial light if you are planting indoors.

How often should you water your CBD?

The best quality of hemp grows in soils that have a moisture content of at least 80%. If natural rainfall cannot maintain this moisture level in the ground, make sure to water the plants multiple times a day. It is also essential to understand that as the plant will grow, its water demands will increase. The plant has maximum water demand just before it produces flowers.

How to plant hemp seeds

Plant seeds about 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches deep into the soil. Plant one seed per hole.  If you plant the seed closer together, it will force the plants to grow taller and produce a higher amount of fiber. However, if you plant the seeds farther apart, the plant will branch out more and have more flowers.

How much space do you need to grow CBD?

Growing CBD flowers don’t need a lot of space. If you are planting the CBD flowers in pots, make sure to choose pots with proper drainage. Breathable bags can also work for indoor use. Many people like to grow their seedlings in small containers and then transplant them to bigger containers after growing for a few days. If you plan to apply the same approach, make sure that you avoid damaging the roots during this transfer, as even slight damage to the roots can stall the transplanted plant’s growth.

When to harvest

Hemp that is grown for CBD extraction is harvested around mid-fall. The levels of cannabinoids are maximum during this period. It takes about four months for the plants to develop fully. So, if you sow the seeds during late spring, you should harvest the flowers by October.

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