How To Take A Cutting From a Cannabis Mother Plant

How To Take A Cutting From a Cannabis Mother Plant

There are typically two options to plant and raise marijuana: from seeds and cannabis clones. The latter option is very popular for novice and seasoned marijuana gardeners alike. It is, by far, the best choice for beginners and those practicing indoor gardening.

For cloning to be successful, the very first thing is to choose the right cannabis mother or donor plant. Most donors are female strains always kept in a state called vegetative. This means that they are never allowed to flower. When kept in the right conditions, mother plants can produce great cuttings yielding identical cloned plants for several years. The question is: how to do you take a cutting from a cannabis mother plant to ensure successful cloning? If this has been your concern, then worry no more as we unveil a list of simple steps for cannabis cutting.

Step 1: Assemble the right tools and materials

The very first step, when taking a cutting from the mother plant, is to assemble the right tools and materials. Some of the things you will need include cloning gel, cloning solution, gloves, sharp & clean pruning razor, at least two solo cups, and an aeroponic cloning machine.

Step 2: Clean your tools

Your chances of successful cloning will greatly increase if the tools you use to carry out the job are clean! Before any round of clones, everything should be cleaned thoroughly and sterilized.

Step 3: Select the mother plant for cutting

Once you have the right tools and materials, the next step is to select the plant to harvest the cuttings. This is often referred to as a cannabis mother plant. It should not be flowering and should be at least 2 months into the vegetative cycle. Your best choice is the plant that is healthiest and contains the traits which you want to clone. Also, be sure you don’t fertilize your plants for several days before cutting. Fertilizer adds extra nitrogen, which promotes flowering instead of root production.

Step 4: Choose the branch to cut

As soon as you’ve found the most suitable mother plant, it is now time to select the branch to cut. Just like the way you chose the donor plant to clone, the branch you need to cut must be big enough and display no signs of health-related problems. Marijuana gardening experts recommend branches with a several nodes and must be located somewhere close to the plant’s base for optimum growth.

Step 5: Make Your Cut

At this stage, you are ready to start cutting your chosen branches. Hold the branch steadily in one hand and use your pruning razor to cut as close to the main stalk as possible. Your cut should be at a 45-degree angle. Besides that, you should cut gently but quickly. Immediately insert the cutting into a glass full of water so that no air bubbles get into the cutting’s stem.

When cutting clones, it is recommended that you take several clones to compensate for poor mortality and performance. Despite the fact that cuttings can be taken from the mother plant anytime in the mother’s lifecycle, the ideal time is just before flowering. As mentioned, when taking clones, it is essential that you do your cuttings swiftly without any delays, and it is vital to have everything ready in advance.