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Building a grow is a serious undertaking. When we first entered the legal cannabis market, we realized finding a light dep greenhouse company we could trust and a construction company capable of handling our grow house was a very difficult situation for us. We have since made a point to connect with the best greenhouse, commercial greenhouses, and steel building construction companies. Did you buy a fully automated light deprivation greenhouse for your farm already? No problem, we help you build what you already bought,  or customize your current grow to handle the size crops you’ll be undertaking.
Commercial Light dep Greenhouses

Commercial Light Deprivation Greenhouses For Sale & Building Services

Knowing before you build your grow is the most important part of the process. Whether you’ve started your diy light deprivation greenhouse and need help finishing it, or are starting a new ground-up build. Contact us to be lined up with a light-dep contractor in your area.
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Buying the right greenhouse for your farm or commercial grow is a vital ste...
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Buying the right greenhouse for your farm or commercial grow is a vital ste...
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Need help with your build? Let us know! 

We help with buying greenhouses, construction, growing, & more.

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Are you a farm needing help?

  • We know it’s difficult to find greenhouse construction people in the cannabis industry who know what they are doing.
  • We offer assistance with farms requiring services from other businesses in the cannabis and hemp industry.
  • Considering a commercial light dep greenhouse for your farm.
  • We work with the best brands in the business, like Full Bloom.

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Medical & Recreational  Buildings
“We thought buying & building a light deprivation greenhouse would be simple. Sure! If I had a small team of 4 people maybe? – that’s where Discount Pharms came in” ~ Eric, Shirwood Farms

Greenhouse Building FAQ

What is a greenhouse?
A greenhouse is a building that is constructed of either glass or a thick plastic material. Some have retractable sides, adjustable light sections, and offer a variety of protective barriers for agricultural farms. In this case, they are used for growing cannabis and or hemp in legal cannabis states.
What is a light dep greenhouse?

The newest type of grow-house on the market, is (as of 2017-18) a light deprivation green house. These are either manually operated or automatic, and have adjustable covers on the sides of the structure which are retractable. The bonus to this is the grower and or farm, has better control over the amount of sun exposure their crop gets, thus being able to control the grow and when they would like their cannabis or hemp to flower.

Do You Supply the Greenhouse?
Discount Pharms does not supply the greenhouse or the construction work. We work with companies throughout the nation in all legal cannabis states who supply the greenhouses, and also contractors local to each area, who are capable of building the greenhouses. We do this because we realized the companies who sell the greenhouses are not always suited to be able to construct the greenhouse, therefore a big fall-off between the farms having a successful grow due to structural issues was happening and it needed to be fixed asap.
Where can I find a contractor to build my greenhouse?
We will process your information and pass  to the most appropriate company and or construction personell in your area.
What if I need help with my grow and setting up my equipment?
We help farms plan the grow process from end to end. It is extremely important to utilize every portion of licensed space on your property to accomodate an important process, as lack of planning can result in not enough space for product to dry, be stored, or places to mitigate bugs and decontaminate before entering the grow itself. Russet mites were a killer to many farms over the last few years, and these are all items we take into consideration when planning out a grow.
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