Missouri Finally Has Its First Legal Cannabis Grow House

Missouri Finally Has Its First Legal Cannabis Grow House

It’s an exciting time to be a marijuana cultivator in the United States today. Each year more and more states are opening their borders to marijuana cultivation, research, and use. Slowly but surely, the prohibition on marijuana cultivation is being lifted; and for Missouri residents, that door has been flung wide open as of June 11th.

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St. Louis-based BeLeaf Medical LLC was the first applicant to receive their official marijuana cultivation licenses in Missouri. After legalizing the use of medical marijuana in 2018, the Missouri government has spent some time working out the kinks and legalities of allowing legal cultivation.

Having jumped at the chance as soon as applications were being accepted, BeLeaf Medical LLC applied and was subsequently approved for 10 separate medical marijuana licenses. Three of their licenses are for cultivation purposes, two of their licenses are for manufacturing, and the remaining five are for retail and sale.

Kevin Riggs, president of BeLeaf Medical LLC, has spent four years operating a CBD cultivation operation within the state of Missouri. In this way, he is no stranger to the world of marijuana cultivation and retail. However, he hopes to fulfill a much sought-after gap in the market with THC medical marijuana as soon as products and crops are available–which he hopes to be by the end of the third quarter – beginning of the fourth quarter.

The State Health Department of Missouri has required all marijuana cultivation and distribution license applicants to undergo rigorous inspections before issuing licenses. Riggs stated that BeLeaf’s cultivation center underwent this ‘commencement inspection’ 10-days before being issued the licenses. The inspection is meticulous because it covers every aspect of the health, safety, volume, and operations within the marijuana growing facility.

BeLeaf Medical LLC will be cultivating and distributing their marijuana products under the brand name of Sinse. This comes from the term ‘sinsemilla,’ which is a term used to describe prime, ideal marijuana flowers that are seedless and perfect for general consumption. The grow center is located just outside the center of St. Louis in the suburb of Earth City. Riggs hopes to begin the slow rollout of their Sinse brand of medical marijuana.

Currently, there is no real knowledge of exactly when the state of Missouri will allow the full distribution of medical marijuana. There is still a long list of logistics and licensing issues that need to be worked through before the state will allow cultivators like BeLeaf Medical to distribute what they grow.

Riggs himself cautions residents to temper their expectations and that launching a medical marijuana infrastructure in a state is not like ‘turning on a light switch.’

Building the infrastructure for the industry in Missouri is moving forward quickly, but not without some hurdles and challenges along the way.

However, BeLeaf Medical LLC is not the only player in the game. In southern Missouri, another cultivation center is set to open under BD Health Ventures and ERBA Holdings LLC teamwork. This could very well be the beginnings of a lucrative and vast medical marijuana industry in the state of Missouri.

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