Odorless Weed: Is It for Real?

Odorless Weed: Is It for Real?

The age-old battle for weed smokers is the challenge of masking the pungent odor. Anyone who has ever been exposed to marijuana, even second hand, will be able to detect the unique smell from a distance.

Many marijuana smokers absolutely love the smell, and chase strains with stronger and more vibrant aromas. However, many wish they had just the opposite; a marijuana strain with all the benefits mentally and physically, but none of the smell. That is why odorless weed might be the wave of the future.

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What Is Odorless Weed?

A Canadian cannabis startup known as CannabCo has announced that they are working on a completely odorless marijuana strain that will not create the pungent smells associated with the plant; not in its flower form or when smoked.

The strain itself will reportedly be called Purecann, the idea is that the product will be able to be smoked more openly in legal states and regions, while also remaining discreet. As with smoking anything, the odors can be rather unpleasant when the user has to go back inside to work or be around family. This product aims to solve that problem.

Is Odorless Weed ‘For Real’?

The concept of making weed odorless is actually relatively simple in theory. Cannabis as a plant comes with hundreds of compounds within it including compounds known as ‘terpenes’.

Terpenes exist within a wide range of plants and are the chemical compounds that give these plants their smell and help protect them from being eaten in the wild. By selectively breeding cannabis strains to have little to no terpene content, you can effectively remove the odor.

The process that CannabCo uses is proprietary, and very secretive, so not much is known as of now. However, it can be understood in theory how they might be doing it as you can see.

So, if the process is so easy, why hasn’t anyone else done it? Well, that might be a simple explanation:

It is well known in the cannabis community that the terpenes in cannabis work alongside the other compounds within the plant–cannabinoids–to produce enhanced effects; this is known at the ‘entourage effect’, Cannabis strains with higher terpene content are found to produce a more potent high.

With this in mind, it is highly likely that the Purecann product will not be as strong or effective as a cannabis product containing the normal level of terpenes. However, that is not to say that it won’t work at all.

The cannabinoid THC is the primary driving force behind the sensation that users feel when smoking weed–that will still be present in Purecann. It simply means that without the terpene profile, your experience with the cannabis might not be as rich. It’s going to be a bit of a tradeoff. It still remains to be sen how big of a trade it will be with the CannabCo product.

Odorless weed could be a game changer for many who use marijuana medically and want to be able to do so more openly without the strong odor attached to it. It could also be a great way for those who simply don’t like the smell to get by without it.

There are likely going to be some losses in overall effectiveness of the cannabis, but many might still see it as a worthy trade-off for not having to deal with that dank sticky icky smell.

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