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Colorado Hemp Genetics was founded in 2010 as a source for all-things hemp and cannabidiol (CBD). We handle every aspect of hemp production from seed to sale. We are vertically integrated which lets us produce the highest quality products while overseeing the entire value chain. We are experts in the production and harvest of feminized hemp seeds. All of our seeds are grown in either our indoor facility or our two-acre greenhouse. We only sell feminized seeds that, on average, yield 12% CBD. To date no farmers we have worked with have had their crop render an above-limit THC percentage. In addition to seeds, we supply our hemp cultivars (strains) in the form of unrooted cuttings, rooted clones, plugs and mature clones. We do all of our young plant production in our indoor facility or our two-acre greenhouse. Just like our seeds, all of our young plants are created from our genetics bred to be high CBD, low THC.

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