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Doctors Choice Services

Orange, California


We have the resources, relationships, and structure in place to ensure buyers a trusted supply of hemp-derived/THC CBD Isolate, distillate, biomass or other various extracts. We are a fully licensed small/medium scale company that has been actively involved in the Cannabis/Hemp market for the last couple of years. Our office is located in Southern California, although we do have partners in surrounding states.We work largely in the space of extraction & manufacturing for both THC/CBD distillates and isolates, Water-Soluble CBD, biomass, and seed. Other goods/services we offer are CBG, CBN, and tolling agreements for biomass, isolate, distillate, and water-soluble. With multiple joint-venture partnerships, we are able to fill most quantities ranging from 1kg (MOQ) - 20,000kg +.We only work license to license for THC related products. We require Proof of Funds and Letter of Intent documentation for orders larger than 5kg/L. Buyers will be working directly with the lab.

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Products & Services

67%+ CBD Crude Co2 Extracted

Wholesale – $2000

Retail – $2200

Min. – 1 Units

Sold By Doctors Choice Services

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