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Doctors Choice Services

Orange, California


We have the resources, relationships, and structure in place to ensure buyers a trusted supply of hemp-derived/THC CBD Isolate, distillate, biomass or other various extracts. We are a fully licensed small/medium scale company that has been actively involved in the Cannabis/Hemp market for the last couple of years. Our office is located in Southern California, although we do have partners in surrounding states. We work largely in the space of extraction & manufacturing for both THC/CBD distillates and isolates, Water-Soluble CBD, biomass, and seed. Other goods/services we offer are CBG, CBN, and tolling agreements for biomass, isolate, distillate, and water-soluble. With multiple joint-venture partnerships, we are able to fill most quantities ranging from 1kg (MOQ) - 20,000kg +. We only work license to license for THC related products. We require Proof of Funds and Letter of Intent documentation for orders larger than 5kg/L. Buyers will be working directly with the lab.

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Products & Services

67%+ CBD Crude Co2 Extracted

Wholesale – $2000

Retail – $2200

Min. – 1 Units

Sold By Doctors Choice Services

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