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Whether you’re looking for wholesale hemp or hemp flower for sale; Dr. Strains always provides our customers with unbeatable prices. We’re experts in the hemp industry and work with reputable hemp farmers some farms with over 100 years of hemp farming experience! Whether it be the end customer or a purchasing agent from a chain of vape stores; Dr. Strains treats every individual with the same level of expertise. We believe in supplying the freshest organic hemp flower as well as other hemp products at extremely competitive prices. Our products are always lab tested, and are always 100% organic! We pride ourselves in ensuring every single product is hand selected by us exclusively for our customers!

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Products & Services

T2 Trump

Wholesale – $225.00

Retail – $350.00

Sold By Dr. Strains Cbd

Suver Haze 27.5% CBD

Wholesale – $350.00

Retail – $450.00

Sold By Dr. Strains Cbd

Frosted lime 13% cbd $175 a pound

Wholesale – $150.00

Retail – $300.00

Sold By Dr. Strains Cbd

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