CBD-Hemp Drying Machine

$43,000.00 Starting Price


  • 3-4 Month Lead Time At the Moment (Must Import & Rebuild to US Specs)
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  • Dries Hemp / Bio-Mass Fast
  • Direct Delivery to USA Farms / Warehouses Available
  • Save Thousands in Would-Be 3rd Party Harvesting
  • Machine Price is $43000-$65000 for Continuous Dryer
  • Batch Dryer is $9000-$22000
  • Total Cost Can be Upwards of $150,000 – $200,000 Installed
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Q. Why do I need a mesh-belt dryer?

A. Each planting season, hemp farmers cultivate many thousands of plants but the industry lacks sufficient capacity to efficiently and cost-effectively dry large seasonal harvests.  Antiquated hang-drying methods are labor-intensive, and simply do not make financial sense if you grow more than a few acres. The mesh-belt hemp dryer is a sustainable, innovative, and cutting-edge technology to help automate your hemp drying activities and benefit your long-term competitiveness. Our advanced low temperature drying equipment is engineered to maintain a high level of attention to detail, quality, sanitation and consistency. This is the right tool to dry your hemp crop like a real professional.

Q. What makes mesh-belt dryers different from the competitors?

A. Dehydration is necessary to preserve the hemp biomass for later use as food additives or extraction for medicinal purposes. Mesh-belt hemp dryers continuously dry large quantities of plant material in a short period of time, and without requiring much production footprint. These technologies allow the operator to adjust the thermal energy in the hemp dryer to evenly evaporate water without over-drying or over-heating the hemp. This clear advantage provides a superior output, improved flavor and texture, while preserving robust hemp oils and aromas.

Q. Will using a mesh-belt hemp dryer affect my crop?

A. Our simple, labor-saving, low-temperature drying technologies are designed to ensure the highest value of dried output. Electronic controls allow operators to dial-in optimum air volume, belt speed, and temperature. Continuous movement of the four separate mesh belts ensures an even and consistent dehydration throughout the plant material. Four high-quality food-grade stainless steel mesh belts protect your high-value crops from rough handling and contamination, and convenient door handles allow panel access to view the status of the drying operation. We believe that proper use of our mesh-belt hemp dryer will increase your bottom line.

Q. Does the dryer have temperature control?

A. Yes, the mesh-belt hemp dryer effectively and accurately controls temperatures. If you use natural gas or propane as the fuel source, the gas burner has sensors to control the temperature of the dryer unit. The sensor is placed between dryer and big fan. If the set temperature is exceeded, then the flame of the burner will decrease. If the temperature drops below the set point temperature, then burner flame will increase. The user also can adjust the conveyor belt speed and temperature of drying machine. Temperature settings are in Celsius, and can be set to hold the drying temperature at a specific setting.

Q. Does the conveyor auto-adjust speed to temperature variations?

A. Yes, the dryer speed is fully adjustable. The feeding conveyor and drying machine use a single transmission part, so they operate at the same speed. The discharge conveyor speed is also adjustable. The feeding conveyor features a distributor, which our engineer will install on the dryer and adjust the dryer speed and material thickness spread on the conveyor. After these initial adjustments for the material, the engineer will set the temperature on control panel. This allows the user to easily operate the machine while maintaining a consistent temperature in the dryer.

Q. Is there a heat recovery system?

A. No, a heat recovery system is useless because the drying temperature for hemp is set at a very low 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2 degrees Celsius). The moisture content of the material is very high, close to 80-85%. During the drying process, the moisture and heat will exit from the top of the dryer. There is relatively little heat in these exhaust gases, but the moisture content is very high. Therefore, we do not recommend recycling via a heat recovery system.

Q. Can you recommend your most popular mesh-belt hemp dryer?

A. The GX series Mesh-Belt Hemp Dryer is the manufacturer’s flagship line. We offer a choice of five reasonably priced hemp dryers that are perfect for the American market. The GX-12 model is rated for up to 500kg (~ 1,000 pounds) of wet material input per hour and discharging about 100kg (~ 220 pounds) per hour of dried material. The GX-12 is our largest dryer available, but we offer custom-sized dryers for any scale operation. Our affordable prices finally make it possible for many farmers to buy their own mesh-belt hemp dryers.

Q. How should the hemp material be prepared for drying?

A. Best drying results are obtained when the plant material is reduced to a uniform size and consistency (with minimal stem), depending upon your particular situation. You should choose the right harvesting method to best ready your hemp material for drying. We expect to see many innovations in harvesting technologies, such as double-cut combines, SuperCrop® headers, PowerZone® harvesters, biomass reducers, bud strippers, and other machines that produce the perfect hemp biomass consistency for the mesh-belt hemp dryer. All of these harvesting and drying innovations will result in lower labor costs, and higher returns on your investment.

Specialty Handling

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Specialty Handling was founded in 2018 to provide efficient, secure, and comprehensive hemp handling services.  We are “strategic partners” for Oregon hemp farmers looking for post-harvest handling solutions.

This is a brand-new industry, and many farmers have no contacts or knowledge of what to do after harvesting their crops.  Specialty Handling provides the solution – farmers grow the hemp, and our company handles the crop and brokers hemp sales on behalf of the farmer.

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