Forage Hemp Harvester Windrow Attachment

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Growing hemp for fiber? We’ve got the attachment for you!

This “Forage Harvester Windrow Attachment” mounts to a forage harvester, but doesn’t run the fiber through the harvester. This extended feederhouse allows your fiber stalks to be windrowed, without damaging the fibers or putting wear and tear on your harvester. Once the fiber stalks are in a windrow, they can undergo further raking and rhetting.

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Hemp Harvest Works

Hemp Harvest Works is a design, engineering, research, and sales firm created to help solve the mechanical needs of today’s hemp producers by providing both mass market machines and custom equipment for growing and/or harvesting hemp. We sell and distribute small, medium, and large scale harvesting machinery for combines, tractors, and stand alone machines designed to reduce the overall cost of production. In addition to offering machines, we work to connect growers with custom harvesters capable of delivering above average results and provide consulting services for growers and harvesters seeking quality information. Home of the Bish SuperCrop Hemp Header from Bish Enterprises, Powell Harvester from Marco Manufacturing, and Budd-EZ machine.

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