Frosted lime 13% cbd $175 a pound

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  • Frosted lime CBD hemp available at $175 a pound!
  • Worried about buying online? We at Dr. Strains CBD assure 100% that all of our orders are shipped with USPS tracking and guarantee delivery!
  • We source our hemp from some of the most trusted farms in the nation.
  • All 100% organic and legal in every state.
  • Price brakes:
    • 1 pound @ $175
    • 10 pounds @ $150
    • 20 pounds @ $140
    • 50 pounds @ $125
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With a little skunky, and a fresh hit on sweet citrus – frosted lime produces big notes of candied citrus rind, and tropical fruit with a bit of skunky taste when smoked. Retail shops have told us this stuff doesn’t stay around long, customers are always into a little skunk / citrus combo after a long days work.

These dense, tasty nugs are great for all CBD hemp smokers. Ranging in size from medium to large nugs, users can take their pick of the litter while noticing the beautiful color combos of bright green and gold, smells of fruity citrus skunk, and milky trichomes almost guaranteed to woo any crowd. Did we mention this is grown with organic growing methods as well?

We’re also offering amazing price-breaks for anyone interested in bulk opportunities, don’t wait until this stuff is all gone!

  • Price brakes:
    • 1 pound @ $175
    • 10 pounds @ $150
    • 20 pounds @ $140
    • 50 pounds @ $125

Dr. Strains Cbd

Whether you’re looking for wholesale hemp or hemp flower for sale; Dr. Strains always provides our customers with unbeatable prices. We’re experts in the hemp industry and work with reputable hemp farmers some farms with over 100 years of hemp farming experience! Whether it be the end customer or a purchasing agent from a chain of vape stores; Dr. Strains treats every individual with the same level of expertise.

We believe in supplying the freshest organic hemp flower as well as other hemp products at extremely competitive prices.

Our products are always lab tested, and are always 100% organic! We pride ourselves in ensuring every single product is hand selected by us exclusively for our customers!

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