Guardian Series Interior Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse Kit


In conjunction with our cost-effective yet sturdy exterior auto light dep system, Fullbloom provides one of the best internal auto light deprivation systems in the industry. Our Guardian Series blackout greenhouse is ideal for high snow, high wind areas or anyone requiring a coded/engineered structure. This engineered 30’ wide semi-gable structure makes it easy to grow year-round in most of the harshest climates in the US.

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The Guardian is built with North American made hot dipped galvanized steel framing that uses a similar semi-gable style as our exterior 30’ wide greenhouse. Oval tubing bows and 2×4” uprights provide superior strength and defense against harsh weather. Sitting with an average peak height of 16’ and a sidewall height of 6’ (may differ depending on engineering requirements) the Guardian Series provides ample room for cultivation of any kind. Our pre-welded cathedral style truss system helps us provide very high snow and wind strength without sacrificing height.

All our frames and materials are pre-fabricated and punched so our customers save thousands (if not tens of thousands) on install costs. This makes it easy for you to modify and add additional equipment down the road.

The Guardian comes in an available width of 30’ with 6’ tall straight sidewalls. Customize the length from 48’ to 144,’ depending on your needs.

A tear-resistant 6 mil SOLARIG poly comes standard with the greenhouse with optional upgrades for rigid polycarbonate. Our standard woven soft poly is UV treated and has anti-drip and light diffusing properties ideal for controlling internal climates. For extra strength and durability, an 8 mil woven SOLARIG poly is available as an optional upgrade.

Optional roof vents from 4’ to 12’ in length provide an efficient way to disperse heat and humidity while reducing overhead from added electrical costs of running high power fans and equipment.

The Guardian is structurally engineered for all 50 states along with Canada, so no matter where you’re located, you can increase your yields with this new interior light deprivation greenhouse system.

Fullbloom Light Deprivation

Fullbloom Light Deprivation provides affordable growing solutions for auto blackout greenhouses while maintaining superior craftsmanship. Our simple yet efficient auto light deprivation systems allow our customers to spend less time (and money) on setup, installs, and growing maintenance and more time doing the things they enjoy. Our greenhouses are fabricated in Oregon and all of our controllers and ventilation products are UL listed and US made.

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