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  • Capacity: 150 Trays 30”x16”x2”
  • External Dimensions: 11ft L x 6ft W x 7ft T


  • (150) 30”x16”x2” Drying Trays (Drying/Curing only): $30 per tray
  • (150) 30”x16”x2” Drying and Decarb Trays (Drying/Curing and Decarb): $38 per tray
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Capacity: 150 Trays 30”x16”x2”
External Dimensions: 11ft L x 7ft W x 7ft T
Trays: 30in long x 16in wide x 2in deep, 140F max temperature, perforated bottom
Power requirement: 208-230V 1PH 60A
Energy Consumption:
Electrically Heated: 4 kw/h average
Hot water Heated: 2.75 kw/h average
Drying Time: Approximately 24hrs
Heating: Electric
Installation: Installed in above freezing and dry space, water connection, 208-230V 60A power. For best performance ambient temperature should be kept above 60F.
Loading: Ramp loaded using provided dollys
Water requirement: 0.75 GPM (recirculation optional)
Controls: Touch Screen
Total Weight of equipment: 7,000lbs
1 Year Limited Warranty

Price: $39,000


(150) 30”x16”x2” Drying Trays (Drying/Curing only) $30 per tray

(150) 30”x16”x2” Drying and Decarb Trays (Drying/Curing and Decarb): $38 per tray
FDA, USDA, NSF & CE Compliant

iDRY Systems

Removing water from flowers at low temperatures in a low oxygen environment is the key to the best quality product. Doing it fast with excellent terpene and cannabinoid retention is what we care about most. Negative pressure on the flower pulls moisture gently to the surface allowing it to evaporate at the same rate from core to shell; preventing “case hardening” or “crunchy” buds that then require weeks of curing (moisture equalization).

Think of it as drying at the top of Mt. Everest. High altitude, low pressure, low oxygen and a mold impossible environment for your flower to reach its full potential.

Increased TIME exposure to heat, oxygen, physical agitation, and light all play a role in degrading terpenes. Shortening the time it takes to remove moisture evenly from the bud in low oxygen, low heat, no light and with minimal physical agitation is key in Terpene preservation. Remember, Myrcene is the terpene that helps THC to reach the brain. This sensitive little monoterpene leaves over time. Shorting the time it takes for your product to reach the consumer helps maximize the delivery of THC to that customer.

After drying and curing you can put your flower back in the same machine to decarboxylate flower for extraction or for use in edibles and gel caps.

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