Specializing in wholesale THC & CBD Clones for farms

Specializing in wholesale THC & CBD Clones for farms

Lets face it, buying cannabis and CBD clones can be a pain in the butt! We see it all the time – large farms needing thousands of clones, running around like crazy trying to find a legitimate nursery able to handle their requirements. To top it off, the industry is changing faster than the nurseries can keep up! All these clone compliance and licensing issues are slowing down the clone industry in every state – including Oregon, California, Colorado, and now Nevada.

Farms Buying Bulk Clones Save Big Money

Not only do farms save big money on bulk clone orders because of the quantity ordered – they save money by having their clones ready come time to harvest the current crop. It makes sense financially for farms to have their mothers/ strains grown off-site and within other nurseries. Knowing your clones will flower in 1-2 weeks is a great thing and increases the income per square foot. The bad? It’s extremely important to have the logistics worked out with your local nursery before you buy.

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How much do THC clones usually cost?

Cannabis clones typically range $9-$10 p/clone for “starts” (3″ clones) but that price typically reflects individual purchases. We suggest purchasing from a local cannabis shop who services smaller orders. Most nurseries are targeting farms and offering bulk discounts on cannabis and CBD clones. Depending on quantity 1,000 plus clones can usually be purchased for $7-$8, 10,000+ can be sourced for $6 and under from the right nursery. If you are buying clones that are larger in size (teens, etc) these can range from $10-$25 depending on how big the clones are, and how much time is spent growing them. The reason many nurseries struggle with running a successful clone business is due to that very reason – timing. If farms don’t buy the clones they promised they were going to purchase, the nursery loses the money if they cannot find someone else to buy them.

“Cannabis and Hemp farms across the nation are participating in purchase programs – working exclusively with select nurseries on a recurring basis to save money and grow their mothers off-site”

How much do CBD clones usually cost?

Similar to cannabis clones – CBD (Cannabidiol) can cost slightly more than THC clones. Most likely because not as many nurseries are licensed to sell them (yes it requires a different license in some states to sell THC vs CBD clones) and the lack of availability is driving the price up (at least in early 2018) so you can expect a 10-15% increase with purchasing CBD clones vs THC clones. Starts (3″ CBD plants) can be purchased wholesale/ bulk through some nurseries for around $6-7 p/ clone starting, teens and mothers can expect more.

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Where can I find bulk THC and CBD clones?

Depending on your state, city, and operation – most legal states are finally starting to see professional nurseries come on board can now feel at ease knowing their strains are growing in good-hands, and without requiring any oversight from the farm. 2017 was a mess for farms throughout Oregon and Washington, sadly many clones were laden with bugs – especially the nasty russet mites that cost farms hundreds of thousands in lost product over the last year. As of 2018, nurseries in Oregon are required to be licensed by the OLCC in order to sell cannabis clones to farms. This is also true for farms trying to sell CBD clones to other hemp farms – the nursery must be licensed per local regulations. California and other states might allow farms to source from un-licensed nurseries for the first year similar to Oregon did in 2017 and previous, but there is no telling at the moment.

What to ask for when buying clones

Whether you are buying CBD or THC clones – the process is the same. Know who you are buying from. Research the nursery before you place an order with them. Ask the companies who have purchased from them, if any issues were presented when ordering and fullfilling the order. There are a wide variety of issues posed to a company who is risking thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost product if issues present.

  • Know which clones will grow in your environment – whether its indoors, outdoors, light-dep, hydro, etc your nursery should know what clone suites your operation
  • Know the strains you are given, their yield, marketability, and expected ROI (Return on Investment) when purchasing clones – it all starts here
  • Ask the nursery if they have ever had issues with bugs – 95% of nurseries and grows have a problem with bugs, just make sure they honor a replacement and aren’t a sloppy company if you are ordering thousands of starts from one company.
  • Know what size clone you’ll need based on your timeframe. Some nurseries need 3-5 weeks before they will have your starts (3″ plants) available – does this suite your operation?
  • Do you need delivery of your clones? These cannot be legally transported across state lines by the way – seeds might suit you better if thats the case.
  • Do you need your mothers grown on another nursery premises? This is a very new and unique thing many farms are into these days. Make sure you know your nursery before you sign up for this.

Once you speak with your nursery – you’ll better understand if they know what they are talking about and have a legitimate operation. Fortunately the industry is requiring more companies to comply with select growing standards and operating procedures, this is helping the farms also know their money will be in good hands.

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