THC Detox – Facts and Myths

THC Detox – Facts and Myths

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the chemical component that gives you the high when ingesting marijuana. It is the psychoactive component in cannabis. Everyone seems to have different opinions on the best methods of THC Detox. Some are truly effective; however, there are a lot of myths about detoxing from the effects of cannabis.

The first thing that you need to know is, nothing works really quickly in THC Detox. A few of the suggested methods are quite dangerous. Be aware and responsible in maintaining your own health!

Please Note – We do not suggest replacing any currently prescribed products by your physician, and always recommend you speak with a physician before potentially combining and trying new CBD and or THC products with prescribed medications. This article is for informational purposes only and does not intend to offer any medical advice or services.

Below are some of the methods and practices that DO NOT work.


Bleach is used to clean the impurities in toilets and washrooms. Purposely, it contains sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride, sodium Polyacrylate and few other substances which could be dangerous if ingested. Seriously, it’s really shocking to hear that some people drink undiluted bleach to pass a urine test! Another method is to put powdered bleach in your urine sample. Bleach will leave a detectable residue in the urine sample. It will also change the pH balance of the urine sample, which will cause it to be useless. Bleach is NOT a safe method for THC detox!!


Taking Niacin pills may increase your metabolism to some extent. It helps to improve skin health and also has health benefits for hair and eyes. But, using it as a detox method is not a fool proof method. In many cases, it can cause skin issues and diarrhea.

Vinegar & Excessive Water Consumption:

Apple cider vinegar can be used to detox your urine, but it cannot flush the THC toxins from your system. It requires a continuous intake of vinegar for weeks to clean the THC toxins to some extent. However, excessive consumption of water and vinegar will come with side effects as well. Some of them can lead to organ seizure and death.

Cranberry Juice & Detox Teas:

It is a good choice to detox your body occasionally and cranberry juice and detox teas are a well-known detoxifying method. But, not for THC detox. You will need more compounds than just the cranberry juice and teas to flush out THC toxins from your system.

Below are the proven and safe methods of THC detox.

Detoxing THC Naturally:

Firstly, abstain from all ingestion of cannabis products. That’s what will help to prepare your body to detox naturally. Also, it will keep the body from further accumulating THC toxins. Fat cells are the storage system for THC toxins, so it is a good idea to exercise often when you want to detox from THC. Exercise can burn those unwanted fats and it also helps in increasing the metabolism.

Drink water just to stay hydrated, but don’t drink excessive amounts. Drinking excessive amounts of water results in decreased sodium levels. Not only that, excessive water drinking can cause cramps, nausea, fatigue and a few other disturbing conditions. In addition, avoiding junk foods and unhealthy food habits will help prevent water retention and increase metabolism. Further, drinking more tea can boost the oxidant levels and will result in cleaner liver.

Detoxing THC using products:

Bentonite clay is an effective detox method. Molecules in the toxins of THC have a positive charge, This clay has molecules that are negatively charged. While using this clay, you can neutralize those toxins. Further, it boosts the metabolism and flushes out the unwanted fats and toxins effectively. Bentonite clay can be consumed or can be applied on the skin for added health benefits.

Detox Drinks & Detox Kit:

Detox drinks are specially made with substances which can detoxify and cleanse your body. Also, you will know exactly what ingredients you are consuming and the amounts of those ingredients. Edible ingredients in small percentages ensure detoxifying without side effects. Most detox kits come with a wide range of herbal products. These products are safer to consume then the DIY detoxing methods and contain great detoxifying agents.

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