The Perfect Time to Plant Your Hemp Seeds in the Pacific Northwest

The Perfect Time to Plant Your Hemp Seeds in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most marijuana-friendly areas of the United States. With states such as Washington, California, and Oregon allowing full recreational use of marijuana, the region is a regular cannabis lover’s paradise.

You can even cultivate your own cannabis plants in much of the Pacific Northwest–within reason–without any licensing or permissions needed. This is, of course, rather exciting news for cultivators living in the region. But, for newcomers to hemp cultivation, that is only the beginning of the questions raised around cultivating hemp cannabis. The primary concern after legality is… When to plant? Discount Pharms has answered that question for you in this article.


The Pacific Northwest is known for being rather cloudy, rainy, and a bit cold at times. This might not sound ideal, but it’s really not so bad for hemp growth. The Pacific Northwest region is rather easy to cultivate hemp and cannabis outdoors, so long as you know what you are doing and prepare for the inclement weather.

The Pacific Northwest also has an abundance of loamy soil. The soil and climate are perfect conditions that cannabis plants love to grow and thrive in. That makes outdoor grows rather easy in this region, so long as you are getting the timing correct to ensure plenty of sunshine.

When to Plant

It’s generally advised that you don’t just buy a cannabis seed and toss it in your herb garden. Cannabis plants need stability and safety in the early days of growth and require a bit more controlled environment for ideal growth results. This means that beginning indoors is usually your best bet for success.

You will want to plan on having your hemp plant out of the seedling phase and ready to take root outside around early springtime. This means between March and May when the days are getting warmer and longer. This will require you to start your growth process around early to mid-February. This will require you to grow the seed in a pot with the proper nutrients and sunlight regimen for the first several weeks in order to give it a strong base before moving outside.

It’s important to remember that cannabis and hemp crops do love plenty of moisture, but not too much. This can make growing outdoors more unpredictable than growing in a specialized grow room inside. The Pacific Northwest is rife with moisture, especially during the autumn and spring seasons. This means that you should be careful to monitor anticipated precipitation to maximize growth and potency. Heavy rain and overwatering can reduce cannabis potency and result in less than desirable results or even early harvesting.

Mastering the elements is one surefire sign of a “green thumb.” Every gardener and cultivator knows that these are obstacles that come along with the territory of cultivation. It’s important to remember that timing is everything. Have your hemp plant ready to enter the soil in early spring, and you could have an amazingly lush and potent crop ready to harvest come harvest season!

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