Tips on Growing Bushy and Dense Marijuana Plants

Tips on Growing Bushy and Dense Marijuana Plants

Getting the most out of your marijuana crop harvest is always the ultimate goal of any marijuana cultivator. A dense and bushy marijuana plant will have a higher yield, waste less space in the grow room, and remain heartier during the growing process.

In essence, everyone is trying to get thicker, bushier, more dense marijuana plants. Before you delve deeper into this article, feel free to check out another one of our recently published articles, Tips on Improving Your Cannabis Flavor.

If you are new to cultivating marijuana, you might want to know a few tips and tricks to get your marijuana plant to be as dense and bushy as possible. Here are a few of the most reliable methods:

Start With A Superior Strain

The greatest tip you will ever receive is to always start with a good strain of marijuana. No matter if you are growing from a seed or a clone, good genetics will be the first indication of a dense and bushy plant.

If a plant is genetically inferior, it will never grow to be as dense and bushy as you would like it to be. Always avoid getting seeds or clones from anywhere other than a reliable and trusted source–you’re better off that way.

Trellis Support Allows the Plant to Grow

Trellising your plants is a great way to make them grow dense and strong. If you want your plant to grow to be huge, it needs the support to do so. A plant that is not trellised or supported in any way will not have the strength to grow massive in size.

Using some form of trellis–made of wood, bamboo, or even metal–you can give the plant the support it needs to grow as tall as you can get it. However, always make sure you are well versed in the art of trellising; otherwise, you could end up damaging your plant in the process.

Learn How to Train and Prune Your Plants

Marijuana plants naturally like to grow ‘up’ rather than ‘out.’ This leads to very thin and vertically oriented plants. If you wish to maximize your yield and create a more dense and bushy plant, you need to train and prune it.

Training your plant involves either low stress (stem tying) or high stress (topping) training techniques. Also, prune away dying or decaying excess leaves and ‘mess’ to allow light to get into otherwise untouched places. These techniques are all crucial for growing a big and thick bush.

Light Control is Very Important

Plants get their energy through photosynthesis (thank you, biology class!). This is the process of converting light into energy for processing nutrients and growth. However, not just any light available will be able to do the trick. Marijuana plants need a particular type of lighting in order to generate the right amount of growth.

When growing outdoors, this should be very little concern to you except for where you position your plants to give proper shading amounts during hot peak hours. When growing indoors, LEDs are generally considered the best as they are bright, put out the proper light spectrum, and aren’t too hot. Always pay attention to the amount of light and the type of light your plants are getting.

Growing and cultivating marijuana is a fun exercise in patience, trial and error, and learning. It’s common to fail on the first try. However, over time, anyone can learn to grow thick and bushy marijuana plants that will produce massive yields. All it takes is a bit of practice, and you, too, can have plants that look massive, happy, healthy, and dense!

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