Understanding High CBD Hemp Seeds

Understanding High CBD Hemp Seeds

Industrial hemp has been completely legalized (or should I say re-legalized) as of fairly recently. What was once one of the most popular crops grown in the USA in the 18th-19th century, has now returned to its famed place of honor among farmers.

However, hemp isn’t just something that people grow in large industrial fields or markets. You also can grow hemp at home yourself, if you wanted to. That may seem outlandish, but it’s true!

In order to fully understand that concept, let’s break down what hemp is in general.

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Hemp vs. Marijuana

The terms ‘hemp’ and ‘marijuana’ are nothing more than words used to describe different variations of the cannabis plant.

The cannabis plant comes in three different varieties; cannabis sativa, cannabis Indica, and cannabis ruderalis. However, the Indica and sativa varieties are the most commonly used and known.

Marijuana is a generic term for cannabis that is high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It can derive from both the Indica and sativa varieties of the cannabis plant.

Hemp, by contrast, can only derive from the sativa variety. In addition, hemp is extremely low in THC (0,3%) and very high in cannabidiol (CBD).

Why High CBD Hemp Seeds Are So Valuable

The CBD oil market is an incredibly lucrative one. In fact, it is estimated that in the next two years the CBD market could reach a value of $20 billion USD.

Because of this, the ability to get a hold of completely legal CBD oil is absolutely essential to growth and operations within the CBD industry. Cultivating and growing high THC concentrated strains of marijuana still remains illegal in the majority of the USA. However, hemp is 100% legal to grow anywhere.

In addition, due to hemp being highly concentrated in CBD, it is far more effective to extract CBD from hemp plants than from other strains of cannabis.

This means that it becomes incredibly valuable to have access to hemp crops that can help extract CBD oils 100% legally and far more efficiently.

What Do You Need to Grow Your Own Hemp?

In many ways, growing hemp is just like growing any strain of cannabis. However, it can be a bit easier when it comes to getting your hands on top-quality seeds. As hemp is 100% legal to grow in the USA, you can easily access top quality high CBD hemp seeds from local or even online retailers.

In order to stay within the parameters of the law, the strain you purchase must contain no more that 0.3% THC. Other than that, you can grow as you like! Although it is recommended to use feminized seeds for the best product.

Aside from this, growing high CBD hemp is exactly the same as growing any other strain of cannabis. You will still need your proper lighting set up, soil/hydroponics, and knowledge of your particular strain’s growth and light cycles.

Growing high CBD hemp is a fairly straightforward process as long as you remain within the perimeters of the law. Because its lack of federal regulation, you don’t have to fear any legal push back.

Simply make sure that you are purchasing the seeds from a respected seedbank, and in addition that they do not contain any more than 0,3% THC. Then you can be on your way to a fine source of high CBD hemp for the future!

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