Sample Profile

Sample Profile
Sample Profile

Sample Profile

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This is a sample profile for businesses offering products and services in the legal Cannabis and Hemp industries. Discount Pharms helps connect businesses with other businesses and/or individuals in these industries.

Examples of who we can help

  • Cannabis and Hemp Farms – Connect with Nurseries, Processors, Retail Stores, and Wholesalers.
  • Retail Shops – Connect with Nurseries, Farms, Processors, and Wholesalers.
  • Processors – Connect with Farms, Retail Shops, and Wholesalers.
  • Product Manufacturers – Connect with Farms, Retailers, Wholesalers, Processors, and more.

The opportunities are endless!

What does Discount Pharms get out of this? We generate beneficial R&D we are able to monetize in each industry and work with leading companies in each industry helping them generate sales, and we generate a small commission or monthly service fee depending on the industry.

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