What are the Differences Between CBD and CBG Hemp Flower?

What are the Differences Between CBD and CBG Hemp Flower?

Following the numerous studies conducted on hemp flowers, the product has risen in popularity over the years. A lot of by-products have been derived from this strain, from soothing oils to smoking rolls. Cannabis variants keep evolving by being infused with other compatible chemicals to come up with new hybrids. The hemp flower, for instance, contains a considerable amount of CBD, terpene among other additives.

In every type of cannabis variant, a CBD derivative can be acquired as-is a CBG one. These two extracts offer different effects as each has its unique features. Their pros and cons are also different, making both stand out in a special way.

What is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD is the acronym for cannabinoids. A hemp flower contains at least 5 to 18 percent of CBD while the rest of it consists of other components. This variant is acquired as the flower gains maturity. A hemp flower of a female plant is responsible for the production of over 100 cannabinoid variants.

Upon extraction, the hemp CBD can be made into ointments, tablets, hemp oils, edibles among other independent products.

Pros of CBD Hemp Flower

  • Affordability: Quality CBD hemp oils are easy to acquire. The product is also relatively affordable. Despite the high overhead costs incurred when processing CBD products, hemp CBD is among the most budget-friendly among the other types. You can purchase it in any form and weight depending on your preferences.
  • Offers a Mild ‘High’: If you are looking for a CBD derivative that you can use and keep a straight face at work or elsewhere, hemp CBD is the way to go. It offers you a euphoric and relaxed feeling, but nothing too extreme to alter your judgment. This is attributed to the low levels of THC in it. Hemp oils are also Indica dominant, which further explains this mild ‘highness’.
  • Quick Effects: You will notice the effects of CBD oil about 30 minutes to 1 hour after it comes into contact with your tongue. The feeling of relaxation as well as pain relief is among the signs of its effectiveness. Hemp oil is faster in action than other supplements of the flower such as capsules.
  • It Has Multiple Benefits: From medical benefits to mood regulation, appetizing effects to anxiety relief, there are a variety of benefits to gain from hemp CBD oils. Depending on your requirements, you only need a few drops of this product and you will gain what you need.

Cons of CBD Hemp Flower

  • Excessive usage can cause teeth discoloration.
  • It can harm unborn babies and the mother-to-be when used during pregnancy.

What is CBG Hemp Flower?

CBG is the short form of Cannabigerol. Its existence is because of cannabigerol acid (CBGA), a common compound in cannabis plants. After reacting with several other chemicals, CBGA gives rise to other variants such as CBG and CBD. These two are extracted at different stages of the flower.

The formation of CBG in a hemp flower occurs during its maturity. This happens on the condition that the chemical reactions in earlier stages did not convert the entire flower into CBD or THC variants. This process is challenging because most Hemp flowers are made of about 1% of CBG.

Pros of CBG Hemp Flower

  • Direct Interaction With Brain: Unlike CBD which reacts indirectly with receptors, CBG reacts with CB1 and CB2 directly. The hemp CBG gets absorbed into the body system quickly and more directly. The effects are felt at the same speed.
  • Offers Treatment in Instances of THC Psycho-activity: CBG buffers the hyper effects exhibited after the consumption of THC products. As a result, you may experience certain levels of anxiety as well as paranoia. Cannabigerol hemp oils are effective in countering these effects.
  • Multiple Medical Uses: It is used to terminate drug-resistant bacteria. Other medical uses include reducing cancerous effects in the body, protection from nerve damage, and glaucoma treatment. CBG is used with other drugs to reduce the effects of diseases on the human body.

Cons of CBG Hemp Flower

  • It is hard to extract. This explains its scarcity.
  • It exhibits some intoxicating effects when used excessively.

The Difference Between CBG and CBD Hemp Flower

As seen in their mode of extraction and uses, these two hemp derivatives are different in many ways. The main difference is in their prices, CBG hemp costing higher than CBD. This is attributed to the scarcity of CBG and its difficulty in extraction.

Finally, the flavors of these two extracts vary from each other. CBG has softer flavors which are subtler in comparison to CBD hemp’s bitter and earthy tastes.

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