What Are the Most Important Things to Look for When Selecting a Mother Plant?

What Are the Most Important Things to Look for When Selecting a Mother Plant?

So you have decided to become a marijuana gardener! This is an exciting endeavor but it can be daunting if you aren’t armed with plenty of information. Cultivation of cannabis starts by choosing whether you want to raise them from seeds or cloning. The latter option, however, is taking the center stage because of three main reasons:

• It is economical to plant cloned marijuana bearing in mind that seeds can be quite expensive;

• Cloning cannabis guarantees consistent quality;

• Cloning speeds up the growing process;

As we mentioned, there is no doubt that cannabis cloning is profitable compared to the raising the plants from seeds. If you choose to go by with cloning, the next step is getting a mother plant. So the question that most people, especially starters, ask is: What should I look for when selecting a mother plant for cloning?

Well, there are many important things to look for when selecting your mother plant, and we have listed a few of the most important. Take a look!


The aroma, or if you like, the taste of a given marijuana strain takes the top slot when choosing the mother cannabis plant. Of course, you will not be able to sample your yields yet to know if you have the right aroma, but you can get a hint how the final product will taste by analyzing the mother plant. Therefore, getting the right aroma starts by choosing mother plants with good tastes like Super Lemon Haze or Blueberry.


It goes without further explanation that everyone involved in the cultivation of marijuana is concerned about getting optimum yields. It is not easy though, to discern this by growing your plants from seeds. However, if you clone your cannabis from robust, strong, and healthy mother plants, then it is more than likely that your mature plants will exhibit similar characteristics.

Plant physical appearance

Some cannabis planters are concerned about the attractive appearance of this vegetation. They derive pleasure when they look at the structure and coloration of the said plants in their gardens. If this is your objective, then you need to choose the mother plant that already displays the particular coloration and structure you are looking for. Typically, the likelihood of the cloned plant to exhibit the characteristics of the mother plant is always high.

Resilience to drought, infestation, and diseases

Once you get your cloning stock, you will most likely transport and plant them elsewhere in a new environment. To guarantee better results and sustained yields, you have to ensure that the “new crop” of plants are resilient to drought, diseases, and infestation. How can you know this? Well, that seems like a hard question, but it is not! The answer is simply to look at the mother plant. If it did well in drought-prone areas, it was less affected by diseases, and pests, then there are more chances that the cloned plant will do even better.

Now you know what to look for when selecting the best mother plant to clone your new marijuana vegetation. Since clones are genetically identical to their parent plants, choosing a quality mother plant is important to a successful venture and harvest. Remember, while a stock of seeds may be of the same strain, in most cases, there are different phenotypes, and so cloning is the way to go if you really need want to know exactly what you are getting.

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