What is Cannabis and Hemp Cloning?

What is Cannabis and Hemp Cloning?

Cannabis and hemp are cultivated for medical and recreational purposes. Regardless of whether you are interested in recreational or medical use, if you are new to this field, you will come across terms such as cuts, babies, and clones. These can be pretty confusing terms and the latter is, more often than not, a common practice when it comes to growing cannabis and hemp plants. Typically, there are two options to use when growing marijuana. The first one is sexual reproduction. This is where the male plant is crossed with the female through the pollination process to produce seeds, which are later planted to come up with genetic hybrids bearing the genes of both parent plants. The second option is asexual reproduction, also known as cloning. This article delves further into the second option, so let’s start by defining it!

Cannabis and high-quality hemp cloning otherwise referred to as asexual reproduction is where cuttings are taken from a successful mother plant instead of having to grow your plants from seeds and cross pollinate the male and female plants. Cloning is one of the keys to successful marijuana gardening. It gives you the power to create multiple plants from a single plant, thus eliminating the need to buy plants season after season. Clones are typically rooted cuttings, which are genetically indistinguishable from the parent plant. Through this practice, gardeners can produce a new harvest with precise replicas of their finest performing plants. This is because the genetics are the same, so you will be getting plants bearing similar characteristics.

Marijuana and cannabidiol cloning has a myriad of benefits. Not only does the new cultivating practice save you money and time, but you also ensure the new plant is genetically indistinguishable from the plants that have already proven to be self-sufficient in your garden. Cloning is not easy, although it is not rocket science. Like any other thing worth doing, practice makes perfect!

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Popular Marijuana Cloned Strains

There are several things to consider before choosing parent plants for cloning. Of course, the first thing is to know the varieties you would want to grow and choose the mother plant accordingly. In most cases, this choice is based on the flavor, yield, aroma, and plant quality of a given cannabis strain. All marijuana strains are not equal, so it is essential for novice growers to know some of the most popular strains that do well when cloning. Some strains display better resilience to mold, insects, diseases, and drought while others require different amounts of nutrients.

If you are new to cannabis growing, you are perhaps wondering to start as far as cloned strains are concerned. While there are many cloned strains across the United States, we have listed five of them that are quite popular.

• GG4 – This is a hybrid strain and it is a wonderful choice for beginner cannabis growers seeking to cultivate a flavorful and sedating strain.

• Cinex – This is a Sativa-dominant strain created to offer up to 22% THC level.

• Dutch Treat – This is a sweet-tasting hybrid strain with cerebral stimulating effects and originates from Amsterdam.

• Green Crack – This a popular cloned strain that is predominant in California and it is an excellent choice for planters looking for a strong Sativa plant with high-energy and sweet-citrus aroma effects.

• Blue Dream – This is undeniably one of the most popular cannabis cloned strain and is ideal for growers seeking a balance between a mellow, physical relaxation, and blissful high effects. It also plays the role of elevating bad moods and relieving aches and pains.

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