What Makes the Blue Sherbet Strain So Popular?

What Makes the Blue Sherbet Strain So Popular?

Blue Sherbet is a hybrid and Indica dominant Cannabis strain (90% Indica 10% Sativa) well known for its relaxing full-body effects and strong, appealing aroma. Although there are several other strains of Sherbet, the Blue Sherbet is one of the most popular and there are reasons for that. As your number one CBD and Hemp oil resource, Discount Pharms have compiled this article to help you understand why the Sherbet strain is so popular in the Cannabis realm.

We should start by discussing what Blue Sherbet offers in terms of origin, appearance, aroma, and taste.

Parent Strains

Blue Sherbet is a product of Blue cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains. These two strains are famous for their unique flavors. The Blue Sherbet is also not left behind in this as it is also exceptional when it comes to aroma.


The Blue Sherbet has an attractive purple and lime green look. It is something that elevates consumers’ experience using this strain.

Blue Sherbet Aroma

When it comes to aroma, nothing is more enticing than what the Blue Sherbet offers. This strain has a blueberry/citrus cookie smell. The strong aroma originates from the parent strains and is something that consumers find very appealing.

Just like appearance, the aroma improves consumers’ experiencing using a Marijuana strain.

The Sherbet Taste

When it comes to taste, you should lower your expectations for this strain. Blue Sherbet has been described to have a citrus and blueberry taste. It is fair to say that it does not taste as good as it smells. However, this is not to mean that it is bad tasting- if this were the case, it would not be a renowned strain.

Despite the mismatch between the too powerful aroma and the simply fine taste, blue Sherbet is not short of other benefits. Let us start with the medical benefits.

Medical Reasons Why Sherbet Is Popular

  • Alleviates Stress: Blue Sherbet is an excellent stress reliever. Just like any other strain used as medical Marijuana, Blue Sherbet heightens sensation setting you in the right mind state. This effect is one of the primary reasons why people use this strain.
  • Reduces Insomnia: Lack of sleep is a real problem affecting many people. Luckily, this strain is known for making consumers sleepy, so it is a perfect solution for those who have insomnia. Note that this effect limits the use of this strain when you want to relax, say after a long stressful day at work. It is also a strain that you will have to avoid in the morning.
  • Treats loss of appetite: Although Marijuana generally makes one hungry, the Blue Sherbet strain heightens this effect. In this regard, people who have lost appetite prefer this strain over others. Please note that it can make you extremely hungry and you need to have enough food and water supply when using it. Water is especially crucial as it will keep you hydrated when using this Marijuana strain.
  • It leaves one in a happy and relaxed state. In addition to the above medical effects, this strain is known for its stellar energetic, euphoric lift that brings a feeling of happiness and motivation. All this feel-good factor culminates into a happy and relaxed body state. The relaxing effect that the Blue Sherbet offers is perfect for anyone suffering from depression.

It is smooth and not hard-hitting. The Blue Sherbet gives a smooth and chill feeling that impresses many consumers. Like any other Indica dominated strain, the Blue Sherbet rejuvenates the mood leaving consumers feeling euphoric. This feeling will be best felt when you feel loaded and with a lot to let off. In a nutshell the strain provides, a sweet, enticing smell, not forgetting the mind and body relaxation effect the strain offers. If you are looking for a smooth, relaxed, and chill type of high, Blue Sherbet is your to-go-for Cannabis strain.

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