Wholesale Cannabis is a Thing Now?
Closeup of Cannabis female plant in flowering phase.

Wholesale Cannabis is a Thing Now?

We’ve waited years! Finally, long overdue, Cannabis can be purchased wholesale! YAY!

That’s right! I do not need to be corrected, CANNABIS CAN BE BOUGHT, WHOLESALE! The year is 2017, for the last few years, even decade, cannabis has morphed from an illegal substance we once called “Marijuana,” is now a legal substance (in most states) and not only re-branded as the more professional term “Cannabis,” but is also a booming industry for many states – thus turning the tide, and allowing for wholesale cannabis to “be a thing.”

But where do you start? Do you just walk onto a grow operation and ask for bulk cannabis at a discounted rate? You’re likely to get shot or arrested doing something like that, so we recommend other ways to source your wholesale cannabis locally.

Hi! I am a batch of cannabis, ready to be sold at a discounted rate ASAP!

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Purchasing Wholesale Cannabis Safely

First – We recommend you put together a plan, are you a local retail shop with all your ducks lined up? Your licensed, insured, and aware of dealing with large amounts of cannabis? These are all very important items to consider before shelling out thousands of dollars to purchase discounted cannabis. Security and storage are a very important measures, and not to be taken lightly when dealing with cannabis or cannabis products. If you are good to go, let’s move on.

New Jobs Are Coming! People Now Broker Cannabis, By Buying Cheap, Selling High (no pun intended ><)

Best Cannabis Strains to Purchase

Second – What strains are you local competitors selling in large numbers? You can usually stop by a shop and see their products, talk to the bud-tenders, and inquire about their most popular strains. Its a safer bet to purchase cannabis with a popular strain that shops are familiar with vs bringing a new strain to market. Although sometimes new strains are wanted instead of the same’ol strain people have been smoking for the last season. Once you have an idea of the strain(s) you are going to buy, make sure you have margins to make money. Shops that buy pounds of cannabis for less money will often do a lot better when each pack is split up/ sold individually. Sometimes shops can make 2-3x their return on their initial investment in a matter of days if the strains and shop are in demand.

Now for the big question, where do you source your product? The answer – right here! Discount Pharms connects you with wholesale opportunities related to the cannabis industry. No we don’t hold the product, handle it, or meet with you – we connect you with the wholesale party – you do business with them after the connection is made. Our goal is to provide a place for cannabis companies to promote themselves through a third-party. This helps would-be thieves, spammers, and other undesirable parties, having access to vital information related to the business/ networks we host.

Discount Pharms Wholesale Cannabis & Hemp Services

Where to Source your Legal Cannabis

Finally – How do you get started? Contact Discount Pharms wholesale cannabis services. A representative will follow up with a phone call or email to get more information if needed. Often times we simply pass your info along to the company immediately and they will respond with the information requested.

We are also looking into offering a subscription plan for those needing bulk wholesale cannabis on a regular basis. Buy 10 get 1 free basically 🙂 Interested? Let us know!

Curious about the Federal Cannabis laws? Make sure to do your research before you begin!

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