Why Buying Cannabis & Hemp Clones is a Safer Bet compared to Seeds for your Recreational Grow

Why Buying Cannabis & Hemp Clones is a Safer Bet compared to Seeds for your Recreational Grow

Planting and raising your own cannabis plants can be very enjoyable. If you have what it takes to care for and nurture plants, your interest could soon blossom into a real passion. Of course, there are several factors, especially if you are a starter, that you should consider before growing your marijuana plants. The very first decision is whether to grow them from cannabis clones or cannabis seeds.

While both options are great, each comes with its own pros and cons. It seems growing from clones is becoming more popular than growing from seeds. Cannabis clones are small cuttings from fully matured cannabis plants, which can be re-planted and raised to yield buds. Many medical marijuana dispensaries offer cannabis clones for sale. The merits for this option seem obvious since planters know the strain they are growing and the yield they can expect. Below, we have explained some of the reasons why most people prefer to clone cannabis plants instead of growing from seeds. Take a look!

Males Clones vs Female Clones

1). Surety of gender

The main reason why growing marijuana from clones is expanding in leaps and bounds is that planters are certain of the gender of the plant, which in most cases is female. When buying cloned strain from your preferred cannabis dispensaries, you are at least sure that there are no males. Remember, male marijuana plants do not produce buds. When you choose to grow from seeds, there is no way to be sure of the gender of the seeds until your plants begin growing.

2). Easier to raise the plant

As previously stated, cloning involves re-planting or raising a plant to produce buds from a mature marijuana plant. Since the plant had once partially matured, it is simple and easier to raise a new cloned plant than growing it from a seed.

More Control Over Clone Growth

3). It matures faster

We all know that cannabis is a now becoming commercialized. These plants are being used for medicinal and recreational purposes in many parts of the United States of America. Therefore, the faster it matures the more money you reap from its sale! Studies from some of the most reliable sources show that cloned cannabis grows faster. Clones are already plants and they are several weeks ahead of the growing process compared to seeds that need several weeks to sprout. Notably, with a seed, it takes several weeks to germinate. After that, the seed needs time to sprout its leaves before growing the through seedling phase to reach the vegetation stage. With cloned strains, all this process is skipped and you start right at the vegetation phase!

4). Easy to manage

Clones are less susceptible to infestation and diseases if the mother plant was healthy. This implies, therefore, that clones are less delicate to raise than seeds, at least during the first weeks of planting. Expert marijuana gardeners claim that a rooted clone is much easier to nourish and keep alive than a newly sprouted seed.

Now you know why many marijuana growers prefer growing from clones instead of seeds. If you are a novice in this industry, we highly recommend that you grow your plants from clones.

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