Why is Durban Poison Called the Espresso of Cannabis?

Why is Durban Poison Called the Espresso of Cannabis?

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Do you have very little energy, and there is so much work ahead to be done? Drink a cup of coffee. Or, even better, take some hits of Durban Poison to get a full charge of energy for the whole day and effortlessly complete all the tasks with more energy, an improved mood, and a love of life.

Durban Poison is one of the purest varieties of cannabis originating from the coastal city of Durban in South Africa. It boasts oversized glands, forest green leaves, and a highly resinous bud that makes it a popular choice among growers. It is a 100% Sativa strain with a powerful brain-stimulating effect. It was no wonder it was dubbed by medical marijuana patients and other active users as “the espresso of cannabis.” It skyrockets your energy levels in seconds and makes you stay highly productive during the day. Here are some helpful things from Discount Pharms that Durban Poison does to your body, and it is no worse than a cup of espresso.

1. Elevates mood.
This South African Sativa suppresses all the negative thoughts, proving to be a wonderful and efficient mood activator. It clears up your foggy mind and immediately brings about an intense state of euphoria and a bright smile that is impossible to hold back. This is due to the stimulating cannabinoids in this strain of cannabis, including THCV and CBC, that deliver strong psychoactive effects. These effects are widely used medicinally for treating depression and a range of mood-related disorders.

2. Boosts energy.
Whether it is some sips of espresso or some hits of Durban Poison, the amount of energy pumped into your body is colossal. Unlike Indica strains, Sativa has an invigorating and stimulating effect, rather than a numbing and stoning one. It lingers to provide your body with a powerful energy supply and keep you productive for a long time. It boosts physical activity, aiding speed and endurance, enabling you to perform way better than you normally do. You might be surprised to see yourself running or mountain biking after a hard workday that normally would wear you out.

3. Alleviates pain.
Durban Poison provides a pleasant relieving effect, inhibiting and relaxing the pain receptors to not send as many pain signals. Although this numbing sensation doesn’t take much time, it will help you enjoy to the fullest the stimulating and mood-increasing effects of the weed.

4. Makes you chatty.
The Sativa is a gateway to social disclosure, especially if you are a more shy and reserved person. Taking some hits will make you feel at ease and see no barriers in starting and keeping a conversation going. Durban Poison helps a lot in socializing, as it is said to spark creativity. Your brain is exploding with brilliant ideas, and it seems that the conversation will last all night.

5. Improves focus.
This purest recreational cannabis not only elevates your mood but also improves your brain function. You get an increased focus on what is happening around you, boasting an amplified perception of sights and sounds. Just as drinking espresso, you become more concentrated on details when working and can complete your tasks with greater productivity and accuracy.